Poem – Before my addiction kills me; “What should I do”?


I’m struggling with an addiction and do not know what to do

Struggling with a term “sanity”; It’s disturbing to think that I act like a fool

It started at a tender age, but not necessarily because I wanted to feel cool

As a boy exposed to many things in my environ; I learnt from the streets school

Now I’m a man. It’s harder to say no, still fiddling with the devil’s tool

Why my heart is so hardened scares me, even though I’ve prayed asking God to soften it like wool

I can’t but imagine what the future holds; I envision gladness most times then other times cruel

Indeed only God can help. But for tomorrow sake, I dare to voice out before my addiction kills me; only because I failed to ask a simple question “What should I do?”.

#JustJames – James Ohiomoba

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