amazing_sunset_mountains-wallpaper-1280x720Wait, pause, stop and think,
Give no room for the slightest blink
Breathe in, inhale, and take it all in,
Exhale breaths saturated with thanksgiving,
Look, gaze, stare for a little while,
See His creations and beauty structured in a well –latticed pile
His evidence vindicated by the very indication of majesty
And all things weaved by His hands in patterned tapestry
Selah! Again I say, Selah!
Watch, observe, record and examine,
The object of your sight I leave for you to determine
See the nightingale’s tiny flapping wings
Oh and hear the harmony that resounds when it sings
The songs so beautiful to the ears of all
Proof of a creator who stands tall
Whose intellect has no human known adjective
Capable to describe His ways that are objective
Ponder, storm your brain, and scratch your temples,
We have no excuse, all around we see His samples
View the seas, see His hands pull them back and forth
In waves synchronously sequential
And His power rests all things on the earth’s skin
Yet the clouds, and the skies that host them stay afloat
You call it gravity, I say it’s the power of His divine nature
Truth be told, to many, it all seems too normal
No time for adoration of what is worthy of it
We live our lives imprisoned by normality and formalities
Being confined by built-up religious systems and theological assertions
We give only a key-hole span for wonder
Keeping our ugly doors closed,
where on the other side lies unfathomable beauty
What’s the rush?
Wait, stop and think
Give no room for the slightest blink
For God has made a world full of His fullness
And our eyes, ears, tongues, noses and skins
have a lifetime’s supply of mouth-watering food
Selah – A clarion call

SELAH written by

Kenneth Olusanya

K. O. poetry


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