Sometimes I Wonder


men_the_man_on_the_ice_looking_up_at_the_stars_103493_Sometimes I feel bad about the usage of the sun’s energy, humans are so heartless they use and use never caring if the earth’s power would one day finish

Sometimes I worry about the water in the ocean drying up, with the high rate of mismanagement and continuous usage it bound to Diminish

Sometimes I fear that one day there would be shortage of air, people breath carelessly nowadays, they make little or no effort to breath less to help it replenish

Sometimes I pity the soil, with all these big buildings and houses,soon there will be no more lands to plant, hence, no herbs, no crops to cultivate, feed on and relish

Sometimes, oh how I wonder! But the good news is, in reality, there would never be such a time because we have a creator, a God of more than enough, who is lavish

His faithfulness is not bound by time, the words He spoke in the beginning still speaks. He is a relentless lover, Great is His name, never can be dragged down or tarnish

James Ohiomoba.

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