Story building is the first chapter in my book titled The Eclipse of the Son – First Contact.

Story building is about my conviction on what Jesus did for the whole world, if explained in one sentence.

The 1st stanza of this chapter starts with a rhyme-filled with “–ing” as the identifier. I had this unapologetic stance of “it’s all about me because it’s all about Him”. Him being Jesus.

The 2nd stanza talks about living life in remembrance of Jesus through communion (feeding on Jesus’ flesh and blood), and His word

The 3rd stanza is my favorite. I was amazed at how the wickedness of the soldiers who helped crucify Jesus were working according to plan that had been ordained from the foundation of the world. The soldiers thought they were killing a mere man, not knowing they “murdered” God. And that was described by this 2nd line in this stanza “Why would the soldiers make a CROSS out of a TREE and nail THE VINE to it?”

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