Father helping daughter (2-3) with first stepsJesus saved you from your mind crashing, why are you still the ONE DRIVE-in?

Trying to clean yourself up with your filthy rag. I think you should throw in that towel
Give up trying to run away from the one who gave up the ghost for you to live forever when you give up your own
And live in His home

You thinking it’s by your good deeds that Jesus loves you, you force the good deeds to work.
You started failing from that point

Is the same reason you think God is angry when you do the bad deeds, then you try to do good again.

No one’s called you to a life of pretense.
You do good deeds because you have come to a realisation that a river that can’t run dry is in you and to keep it flowing, you have to share what it has to offer.

That good deed is from within ..

You don’t become a sinner when you sin
You sin because you’re a sinner
But that’s not your identity anymore when you believe in Jesus
Will you fall? Of course, will you stay there? Of course Not.

The exTENT of His kindness and forgiveness is so great, that’s why we can live in it.

That’s why we can move in it.
It’s more than enough.

God is not a man but He became a man to save the man. Can I get an aMEN?

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