The True Colours of a Woman


Oma Agu(IG @o.m.a.artistry)Ever wondered how your mother could spank the devil out of you one minute and pet you like a baby the next?

Ever wondered how no matter how little she had, there was always something to give whenever you asked?

These things happen either in sickness or health, wealth or poverty.

The heart of a woman is so pure, so selfless, so deep.

Maybe if you could see yourself through the eyes of your mother, you’d never want reality.

You can only see a person’s true colors when they stand to lose the thing they loved the most, the thing they wished for the most- and the ultimate wish of any woman’s heart is to love.

To be able to freely express her love for a person willing to be present.

True colors of her; so many. Like a spectrum of light it illuminates you.

It Shines on the darkest parts of your soul and redefines it.

The true colors of a woman are painted in her love.

Meet the Author:

Chioma Agu is a 300 level student at the university of lagos studying cell biology and Genetics. She’s also a make up artiste, writer, blogger and an entrepreneur. She’s the CEO of O.M.A artistry.

-Makeup and Turban: Oma Agu(IG @o.m.a.artistry)
-Photography: Vincent Okoro (IG @kovinphotography)
-Models: Ifunanya(IG @alex_Ifunaya), Seun(IG @ajimotokunalice)
-Jewelry: Sisi Lane (IG @sisi.lane)

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