Practical Steps to Overcome Phone and Social Media Addiction

Tech addiction is a real thing! Everyone with a phone has at one time or the other said they were addicted to their phone.

Of course most of these remarks were reactions to moments they were inseparable from their phone, or a realization when their phone is taken from them (either by choice, accident or by force) for a while, but not all them actually have phone or technology addictions, but news flash, technology addiction is a real thing.

Scientist and psychologist have confirmed that the activity in the brain for drug addiction or any other addictions is the same for people who are inseparable from technology; be it phone or games.

What I aim to achieve with this article is to give some tips that have helped me and some friends in reducing our phone usage. We all have to agree that the way our phones are taking over our lives is a ticking bomb. Or what will you say of a couple sitting beside each other, but instead of talking to each other (in person) are chatting with each other on Instagram, sending messages and pictures back and forth. We are indeed in trouble.

1. Turn Off App notification

Those notifications on your at the all over your screen are little demons, always calling for your attention. Imagine there is no on-screen popup notification when you receive a message or when your post on Instagram is liked, you will not be drawn to pick your phone everytime.

Turn off app notifications. Make it such that you don’t know you’ve received anything on WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, SnapChat and the rest till you actually open those apps.

Trust me, you will spend more time off your phone. I discovered this by accident, I was at an event where my phone was to be used to stream a feed, in order for them not to be constantly disturbed by popup notifications, I turned it off for some apps, after the event, I didn’t turn it back on, and it was an amazing revelation for me, I simply used my phone lesser.

The logic is simple, when you see notifications on your screen, or that red dot with a number in it at the top right corner of your apps, you will be tempted to check, but imagine it’s not there, you’ll be less curious.

When you see notifications on your screen or that red dot with a number in it at the top right corner of your apps, you will be tempted to check, but imagine it's not there, you'll be less curious. So, turn off app notifications. Share on X

Which leads to my next point.

2. Turn of Phone Alerts (Tone or Vibration)

That constant tone when a message enters, or vibration draws you to your phone. Have you ever picked up a book to read or tried to sleep, but every time your phone beeps or vibrates, you pick it up to check what’s up? Yes, turn the alert off or create a new profile or setting such that your phone beeps or vibrates only for phone calls and maybe your email. But more efficient is the next point.

Want to spend lesser time on your phone? Turn the notification alert off or create a new profile or setting, such that your phone beeps or vibrates only for phone calls and maybe your email. Share on X

3. Turn your phone off (more often)

When your phone is turned off, you don’t even know any message is coming in, actually, no message is coming in, so there is nothing to check. You can start from turning our phone off when you want to sleep or take a nap, when you are about starting a task or when you are at work. Just turn it off and put it in your drawer or somewhere away form you.

4. Create a Schedule to use your phone

You can create a schedule for your phone usage, set time where you are allowed to use your phones and when you are not allowed to. Like for instance, say you are not allowed t use your phone in these period;

  • One hour from wake up time – Have your devotion, pray and plan your day instead.
  • First 3 hours after resumption – Focus on the task for the day, you are most productive at those hours.
  • 2 hours after you’re home from work/school (assuming you’ll have used your phone during your commute. Use the time to freshen up, and get something to eat)
  • 2 hours before bed (read a book instead lol)

5. Use alternative Devices

I hear some people saying, “…but I use my phone for my work or business”, the solution is simple, use alternative devices, use your laptop for checking your emails. Use an iPod or walkman for your music.

The Light Phone

There are some types of phones now with limited capabilities, just phone calls, and short texts, get those instead of your phone line must be active.

6. Use Apps that will help reduce your screen time

There are quite a number of apps that help with managing your app usage and general phone screen time. iPhones have built in Screentime. Get such apps, see example below.

  • Offtime (iOS, Android)
  • Moment (iOS)
  • BreakFree (iOS, Android)
  • Flipd (iOS, Android)
  • AppDetox (Android)
  • Stay on Task (Android)
  • Off the grid (Android)
  • Antisocial (Android)
  • Freedom (iOS)

7. Have a leave-my-phone-behind day

Have you ever mistakenly forgotten your phone at home or somewhere and had no way of getting it back till the following day? Yes, I am sure the hours without the phone was horrible, but did you die? No! Good, so have at least one day of the week where you leave your phone at home or with a friend or turn it off completely, trust me, you wont die.

Do you want to spend lesser time on your phone? Learn to turn off your phone or leave it behind sometimes, trust me, you won't die even though it will feel like it. Share on X

I think these 7 points if followed will help you achieve sustainable progress in spending a lesser time on your phone.

If you have other tips that can help, kindly share as a comment below.

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Tolulope Oludapo is a young Christian who lends his voice through the media by sharing practical wisdom for everyday living in the most experiential and simplified fashion. This has fetched him the direct followership of over 30,000 users on his blog, A blog he founded. He loves to write on varying subjects that affect life, faith, relationship...everyday living.
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