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Here is a little joke I saw on a friend’s BBM DP recently;
PS: My brother, you need to join the army of the Lord.
Guy: I’m already there
PS: I don’t see you on sunday
Guy: I’m in the secret service. 
I’m sure everyone in the secret service will understand the joke. 😀
So, how was church today (both at the public and secret service)? How was the music, the sermon, the ushers, the struggle to stay awake or stay away from your BBM while using your bible app on your smart phone? 😉
To those at the secret service, what prevented you from attending and what did you spend the time doing?
Share all the gist with us as a comment to this post, that is exactly what this post is about.
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  1. Have you ever gone to church and you feel like the Pastor saw a vision about your life or present predicament the night before and was given the very word purposely for you? That is the summary of my service today.
    The presence of God (…when God is with you) matters so much in our everyday life, take a cue from Obed-Edom whose household was blessed to the level of national prominence by having the Ark of God under his roof, which he came by mistake sort-of.
    I had a refreshing Sunday. Though I could not do all the “tell-your-neighbour” because my neighbour, an elderly man practically slept all through the service. At a point where we were asked to hold our neighbour and pray for him/her, I prayed for him with all my heart, but I wondered what’s going to happen to me…lol…

  2. It was all prayers today as we concluded our 21-day fast. Glorious time in God’s presence. I was so grateful for that because I spent the better part of the night awake and I was afraid if there was a sermon that I would sleep off. After that, we had a Love Feast in church, plus anointing session. To crown it all, the choir took us to Heaven in song ministrations. If you are a member of the Secret Service…lol…you dey miss oh.

  3. Service was very refreshing. I had a few nods at some point. But the service was a remarkable one with the sermon on the prophetic blessings, calmness and peace.

  4. No Service today.

    1. My service was good, it fealt like I was going to sleep at some point but I thank God that I did not, Pastor presented a video that showed that there were now smart phones but dull people with everyone all carried away for most of day pressing one gadget or the other, so everyone actually had to put their phones away, he also talked about connecting with people and not just running away after every service. So overall my service was awesome with the amazing choir

  5. Service was wonderful, n after service we went for Jesus match inivitin pple 2 our programme on d 1st of feb, which I’m also inviting u all
    Mountain of Fire and Miracle Ministry Magodo region 78
    Theme:Back To Church
    @15, Adeola Olusola close, off Ajidagba street,Magodo phase 2, ketu, Lagos
    1st of Feb 7:00am
    God bless you

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