sunday joke
Have you ever been in a service where you didn’t prepare your offering before the service and realised it’s a whole note you have with you; your Offering + Transport fare + other fares, how did you deal with the situation? I bet to say that the man in the picture was sincere enough to have asked for change as most people would have just bothered not giving.
How was church today? How was the music, the sermon, the ushers, the struggle to stay awake or stay away from your BBM while using your bible app on your smart phone? 😉
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  1. I’m sure God has a professorial degree in communications, He knows just exactly how to talk to you in the way you won’t miss His voice, if it means opening a donkey’s mouth. God spoke to me via two little kids who presented a special number in church today. Then had a great time of worship and the Word, on point, hoping to share it on the blog soon.

  2. It wasn’t easy but it was worth it

  3. Church was great today, Am a member of a drama team called Kingdom theater so we went to about two different churches today to present a drama called pilgrim progress. It was indeed a great day.

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