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It’s the last sunday of 2014, Yaay!!! I bet today’s service should have something worth sharing, I perceive lots of dancing and messages geared towards preparing and positioning ourselves for 2015.
So, share with us what was amazing or funny about the service in your church.
Let us also share gists from some memorable Sundays in 2014.
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  1. Yeah! Service for me today was more than awesome as God used His son & servant to open my eyes in clearer terms to wat Himself showed me some 14days ago! “it is a GOOD thing to gv thnks unto the Lord….”(Ps.92:1), therefore it will b a Bad thing not to!. Frnds, not all ur prayers in 2014 were answered. Right? But it takes Life to assess dat. So thank Him for Life (Ps.150:6). D funny scene was seeing my Pastor dance round d auditorium! .mennnn everybody danced oooo; even d “tush” & “big” folks!.

  2. Pardon me I forgot to share d gist frm one of my memorable Sundays!. It was 12th Oct. I streamed d service (due to my busy schedule) & was amazed, dazed and taunted within seeing God’s beloveth bringing forth Life and for 2 services he did not check thru his note or his Bible on d pulpit everything was frm within! Dats was not d first tym am seeing him do such but d duration for this particular day was lengthy. u call dat Grace & Professionalism..I agreed but there Is more to It!. I love to call dat d fruit of *Discipline *Diligence and *Determination. .Yeah! 3D.. . GOD Bless u!. hv a glorious week..SHALOM.

  3. Hmmm!! Today’s service was awesome. Thanking God and praising Him for life. Indeed God has been faithful to us as individuals, to our families and our beloved Country as a whole.Jesus has come to give life in abundance (blessing) and the devil to steal, kill and destroy. Who we receive determines what we get.

  4. Well d service was smooth, Pst spoke on how everytin will turn out fine n there was dis fine geh by my right (yetunde) she was a beauty 😀 bt dere was dis Cu geh by d left wit her friends dey will nt jst allow a guy concentrate wit their noise :D. ‘Twas kool tho, great company great sermon……….. C u all in 2015….. Wit love Ichado Solomon.

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