Representing God in the Workplace: 4 Things To Consider

Representing God in the workplace can be really hard. I say so because recently, I found myself wanting to behave in an unseemly manner at work due to the attitude of my co-workers.

Being a Nigerian government worker, I’ve seen first hand the difference between the way a standard private owned business and government business is handled. And one of the issues that really stand out for me is the regular late coming.

In my profession, we work “shifts” and it’s so annoying to see people view late coming as normal. Although I come early to take over from the next person, my coworkers are always late to take over from me! Even at that, without apology or remorse!

At some point, I decided I would start going to work late too (which is a wrong and ungodly decision) because I felt cheated. I was just upset about it and felt like I had to pay back. But I got reminded of who I am, and who I should be – I am representing God in the workplace.

Representing God in the workplace can be really hard but it's so worth it. Share on X

And this is what I mean by representing God in the workplace:

1. How I work/ what I do matters.

If I publicly associate with the kingdom, then my character should display the character of the kingdom. If the Spirit of God is in me, that Spirit of excellence should show at my workplace. Just like it showed in Daniel.

If I publicly associate with the kingdom, then my character should display the character of the kingdom. Share on X

2. Why would I think something is wrong, and then do it anyway?

God made me light; I show the world the standard and it wouldn’t even make sense to be offended and uncomfortable with how a person behaves and go ahead to behave the exact same way!

3. My coworkers are not the reason I do what I do

God is my real boss, not them. I’m working for Him and He’s working through me. When you understand this in every aspect of your life (especially on the job), you won’t “change” based on people’s character.

For example, in Christ we’re called to love everyone, even those that seem unlovable. Therefore, this has to be my disposition towards my co-workers, including the ones with bad attitudes and habits.

The world isn’t for God, it’s darkness. We’re called to be different, and so even if I watch people do all sorts of things that are wrong and against God’s word, my mind has to be made up to do what is right and stand for God in a world of contradictions.

So “Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters.” (Colossians 3:23 NIV)

If the Spirit of God is in me, that Spirit of excellence should show at my workplace. Share on X

4. Grow in competence

Like Daniel, be “so good that you can’t be ignored.” Grow in skill/ knowledge, serve and add value to your workplace. Remember you’re representing God, and that your good works give Him a good reputation among the people you work with.

I believe these are but a few examples of how to represent God in the workplace. Do you have other ones? Do share with us in the comments section below.

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Favour Ndakara is a young Christian that lives out her purpose to know God and make Him known. She's also a pharmacist that loves acting, writing and talking. She's convivial and loves the idea of friendships.
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