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This is How It all Began…

The Saying ‘Out of Sight is Out of Mind’ seemed like just a cliché for other young Jewish Men until it was becoming a reality for Elisha ‘Joseph’ Jacob. Joseph ,as he became fondly called by his friends, had stuck because his lofty dreams and wishes were like that of JOSEPH the dreamer. It was more interesting in that he shared the same surname with that JOSEPH.

Born into an average family that were one of the families that were not into Cattle Rearing, he found joy in Carpentry-Not just because his Family, particularly his Father, were adjured to be one of the Foremost Carpenters in the City and arguably in the Country, but because that was his passion which brought the opportunity for meeting with Mary Pearl Jethro, his heart-throb and soon-to-be-wife. Mary , the most beautiful girl in that town, had always been the wish and dream of every young man and Old Men alike but for fear of being ostracised, Older Married Men dare not approach her for she was a Virgin. She was the epitome of  beauty, courage charisma and the kind of woman one will want to spend the rest of his life with. When she smiles, It was with Purity and not deceit. Her dimples made it more difficult for her to frown for long. Her eyes exhumed assurance and an air of Confidence even though she was not of a well-to-do family, she had what she needed. Full of energy and eagerly wanting to serve the interest of others, she volunteered to be the one that will take the broken down furniture at the Convent that her Cousin, Elizabeth Zechariah was an Administrative Staff. She did this because the nearest place to repair this furniture was miles away and the people at the convent may not be able to embark on that long journey. It was while she was rendering this service that she met JOSEPH.  She was well taken by his sincere devotion to God, as he was adjured to be a Just Man. Even though she had said she would just remain a Virgin and probably join the nuns at the convent that her cousin worked at, she had to re-consider her stance. After much talk, she was espoused to JOSEPH, her Crown Prince. However, all these sweet memories were about to be thrown into thin air.

JOSEPH had just returned from the Capital to deliver a masterpiece Dinning Set and Kitchen Furniture at the House of the Incumbent Governor. He had been away for like three Weeks but they seemed like Three Years. With so much joy that he was going to be in the arms of his dearest again and that he has finally gotten the money needed to do the necessary tests to prove his chastity and that of Mary, as is customary in the Jewish Religion, he set out to his home town.

As he arrived, with so much joy, he quickly went to see Mary and took her to the Central Jewish Clinic. While they were on the road, Mary wanted to tell him of her encounter with the Angel but he would not allow her to talk. He was just recounting the experience and telling her how lucky he has been since she came to his life. So as not to spoil the excitement of the moment, Mary just kept quiet.  After the tests were done, It was discovered that Mary was with Child. Devastated, distraught and full of disbelief, he demanded that the tests be done again, but on looking at Mary’s Face he got the answers he was not prepared to face. It was as if his world came crashing down and this time, even though he was a Carpenter, he could not fix this broken ‘furniture’. Hmmm. He sighed deeply and decided that he was not going to make it Public Knowledge as regards Mary’s Pregnancy because of the Love he felt for her and being a true follower of God. A part of him wants to believe the story Mary was saying but he had more questions than answers. It was at this juncture that the saying ‘Out of Sight is out of Mind’ was fast becoming a reality to him.

Thoughts and Questions like ‘Why Me? and Why Now?’ were the prodding thoughts that were coming to his heart. And just as he was about to sleep that night He made a silent Prayer saying, ‘Lord, If It is truly you that overshadowed her by your Spirit as she claims, give me more Proofs and the will to carry the weight of this act of Faith. True to God’s style of not storing Prayers but answering Prayers, especially of his devoted servants, An Angel visited him and told him not to discard Mary nor her Child for that Child is going to be the saviour of the World from their sins. His name shall be called JESUS. Further stating that this was in fulfilment of Prophecy as said by Isaiah that a ‘Virgin shall give birth to a son and he shall be called Emmanuel meaning God is With Us’.

With this full assurance, Joseph woke up and took to wife Mary his beloved and he never slept with her till she gave birth to her firstborn son, Jesus.

The Birth Proper…

After a while, James- Joseph’s Business Partner requested for some furniture for his new Office, but because Mary was heavily Pregnant, Joseph could not deliver at that time but promised to deliver it as soon as he is sure that she can embark on a long journey. This was because, There was a decree that had been passed by Augustus requesting that all citizens be taxed in their own state. This was to serve as both a Tax exercise and a Census. With this in mind, Joseph sought out to kill two birds with one stone, by delivering the furniture to James with a view to stay at his place If Possible or get an Inn(Room in a Ranch) and also be counted and taxed. However, On getting to Bethlehem, Judea-his state of Origin, His Friend was not around and no room was available for them save a Manger where the Royal Horses were Kept. Being a Carpenter, He simply made a shade conducive enough for Mary his espoused wife and himself to spend the night, little did he know that was the day History will be made as Mary gave birth to her First-born Son. After Mary gave birth to her son she wrapped him up in Fine linen clothes serving as baby clothes, placing him on the raffia palm that Joseph had made from the Stable. With his eyes so piercing and peaceful, Mary caressed her son’s hands with Joy in her heart beyond her wildest imagination. And Suddenly certain Wonders started happening.

 Firstly, In the same city some Shepherds while they watched over their flocks had an experience that will change their lives forever. Prior to this time, they’ve had little customers during the day, but they persisted into the night in Faith that they will get customers. Little did they know that they will get beyond what they bargained for. The Angel of the Lord that had appeared unto Joseph appeared unto them and with his swag and splendour; they felt a little bit intimidated and were afraid. He immediately told them not to be, explaining to them what has just happened in Bethlehem, some kilometres away. How that a son that will save the World has been born, telling them to rejoice and be glad, giving them the details of how they would find him-being wrapped in a fine linen in a Manger. With Joy, the Heavenly Mass Choir joined him to sing saying ‘Glory to God in the Highest…’ It was a beautiful scene that caused the Once-Moody shepherds to leave their flocks and quickly go to see this great sight as said by the Angel. When they got there, they were wowed and amazed. Worshipped God and told the people around their encounter. From that day Forward, they did not only become famous, but also got to witness a new-leading by the Angel of the Lord which turned around their lives, further proving that God does not use people except to bless them.

Secondly, Certain Wise Men who had been reading Ancient relics saw a Strange but Powerful Star and immediately sought out to see this star with the available gifts that were at their disposal (Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh).  With this Joy, brought unrest for Herod, who at that time had been having unrest and nightmares as he saw his Kingdom being taken away from him by his ‘Generals’. So on seeing these Wise Men, his fears were substantiated when they said they were following a star that depicts one who is born King of the Jews. At this juncture, the King Herod had a little rest of mind as he was rest assured that It was not One of the Generals that were planning a coup. However, so as not to leave any stone unturned, he asked the Wise Men to please come back and tell him of the New King that was born so that He will go and pay homage.

However, his hidden agenda of slaughtering the child was found out by the Ever Knowing God who never sleeps nor slumbers and he shared same with the Wise Men.

With Joy, these Wise Men blessed the name of God and departed in another route after dropping these three gifts Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh.

Still basking in this euphoria of giving birth to her first born son, she kept these experiences to heart. It was then that It dawned on her that this was a confirmation of what she had heard from Elizabeth her Cousin, who on seeing her, the baby in her leaped for Joy in anticipation of the birth of her Child. Smiles and gratefulness just graced her tender face as she kept wondering why God will choose to favour her this way.

After Eight days, He was circumcised, and as is customary, the Man, as he had received instruction from God named the Child JESUS.

His Birth shook the world as two other persons, Anna and Simeon, people devoted to God, saw with their eyes the birth of the saviour.

This is my humble version of the Birth of Jesus as the Bible Interpretes.

His Birth is adjured to be on the 25th of December, that may not have been written in the Bible but I believe that If we agree that his circumcision began the new year which is January 1st, then 25th December will be the most accurate day counting eight days with January 1st inclusive. However, let the day not become a thing of discord because a day is like a thousand years in the eyes of God, Instead, let the Impact of his Birth bring you closer to him and his mission-to save the world from their sins

I will like to use this medium to say to persons that have not given their lives to Jesus Christ to Please do so because he Loves You and is too willing to accept you.


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