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I learnt my greatest lesson on the value of time from Reverend Sam Adeyemi. He defined time as a convertible resource, more like energy, that can never be destroyed but can be changed between forms, from Electrical energy (electricity) to Heat energy as in a pressing iron. The same goes for time. However, time is of greater importance because life itself is a measure of time, though given to everyone for free but once lost can never be regained, more of the reason why great attention must be given to it. I am sure you have heard the expression “I’m just killing time i.e. whiling away time. If our life is a measure of time, then what else can we call “killing time” but suicide?! Period!.

“Dost thou love life?

Then do not squander time, for that’s the stuff life is made of.”

                                                                                                                               – Benjamin Franklin

Thus it’s not out of place to say that saving your time is saving your life. The quality of your life is a direct measure of how well you can manage your time. Your life is as good as the priority you put on time. This differentiates the black man from the people of the ‘so-called’ developed nations.
During my days as an undergraduate, I took out time to list out some simple ways I could get more from my daily 24 hours which in itself is very limited. I will share a few of them here. Please note that they are not limited to students alone. These tips are for anybody, even people in the corporate society.
Visit only when you have something productive to give or receive “and” when you have completely accomplished that day’s goal.

  • Be smart to turn away requests to be visited when it’s against your schedule
  • Swift to take your leave when a visit doesn’t seem productive.
  • Be ahead of the visit (or visitor) by determining the agenda of the visit

When going out, either to work, on a journey (by flight or by road), or even a class, go along with a book, an assignment, a project, a task to do in case any slight window of an idle moment meets you. Instead of just staying idle, those moments in between lectures, while waiting at the reception, or in a queue waiting for your turn, on the plane or on the subway reading a book, take a quiz, solve a puzzle, scribble a note, compose a rhyme, write a song.
The secret to accomplishing a task in the shortest time frame is planning before commencing the project.
Planning before taking on a task eliminates the enigma in the process; it provides answers to every question that might be lurking in the process. It eliminates the time to reason out an unexpected surprise that may be posed by an unprepared need that may arise as a result of (unbudgeted) insufficient resources, an uprising challenge.
Plan your day before you start it, by doing so you would have lived it with your pen and paper. This will not only save you from spending your precious and limited time on idle and unproductive tasks but will catalyse the goal for the day thus giving you time to do more.
You can call “planning” a time saver.
This resembles planning but a bit more precise (direct).
Set an exact target on what you want to do before you start. For instance, write out a list of what you want to do on the internet before you open the browser. The World Wide Web is an enormous resource bank where you have more craving for your attention than your time can accommodate, without an exact  list of why you are there and how long you intend to spend, you will realize that you have spent a substantial amount of time with very little or nothing to show for it.
Let us say you intend watching the Television for leisure. Though it is leisure, you deserve to earn value from that time because an hour spent watching TV daily is approximately one-twenty-fourth of your entire lifetime and I am guessing it might be way more than that for some people and I bet you will want to have value from that time, but without a precise knowledge of what you want on TV you will end up spending the time just scrambling between channels. Imagine how more productive your chat (gist) or meeting will be if you plan ahead. That brings the need for an agenda for a meeting.


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