I looked back and saw my roommate’s brother, Lekan looking at me as I paid for food in the cafeteria. Yeah, we had a thing for each other, and it looked like it could work if we gave it a chance…

Being in Covenant University, of course, opened my eyes to a lot. To the endless rules and regulations, to the new people who seemed strange to me, and to people like me who were not scared to explore new stuff. To handsome guys- some who loved my body and some who…I really did not understand what they wanted. We were already in the second semester, and despite my “issues”, I seemed to be doing pretty well in class…with a CGPA of 4.49…it’s not beans oh…who agrees with me?

“Hey Lekkie”, I replied as I looked at him from up to down. He looked incredibly handsome, but I knew he was a no-go area. We hugged each other, and well, he didn’t want to let go, but I sort of pushed him…

“How’s life?” He asked as he held my hand. I felt goosebumps all over my fair skin.
Let me tell you a bit about Lekkie. Lekkie, 300 level, Banking and Finance. Tall, handsome and very intelligent too… He is the deputy leader of the word study group and was well respected in the student body.

And I… I was a shameless…… (let’s not go there)

“Life is good” I replied as I grabbed a chair and sat, hoping he would leave. But he stayed…. I wanted him to leave _

“Seems like you don’t want to talk?” He asked as I looked at him with so much… pity.

Of course not, are you blind?

“NO, it’s not that”, I replied as I began looking everywhere. I didn’t want Sola- my roommate, to see me with her brother. She would freak out. And I didn’t want anyone knowing that…

I and Sola like I said were roommates. She enjoyed sleeping on my bed and watching movies with me. She seemed scared of sleeping alone and insisted on sleeping on my bed with me. Of course, one thing led to the other and we began to explore….My roommates (Tola and Ifenachi) knew something was going on, but they seemed too scared to even say anything…so they simply avoided us. All they did was look at us with those…”eyes”… I was hoping the session would end fast so I could avoid them altogether… and live a sane life…If only my body would let me be.

We became like twins, always everywhere together…well, not everywhere. There was this time that a 500 level chemical engineering guy was on my case. He really liked me, and I sort of liked him, but I wasn’t too sure. It seemed mixed up. I wasn’t sure if I loved him more than I loved Sola. Sola didn’t make it any easier. She told the boy several times to back off, but the guy thought she was bluffing…

Until one day…something strange happened.

Soji (His name) was coming back from the department. We met up on the road, and as usual, he wanted us to talk. We continued to talk about stuff, classes, friends, and roommates… when I decided that I wanted to withdraw from the ATM in front of the cafeteria. It seemed so crowded…I wasn’t the only one who needed money joor. After I withdrew the money, I noticed Soji wasn’t around anymore. I came out and zap…!!! He was gone. I searched for him in the easiest places possible but…he was gone.

I wondered where he went, but I went to the hostel and related my issue to Sola. Sola advised me to forget him. She told me she would take care of me (I knew what she meant) and well; we made out that night….as usual, nothing deep, just plain stuff…

After a week, I and Sola were coming back from class when we saw him. I was so excited to see him. But I noticed that as soon as he saw Sola, his facial expression changed, and he withdrew…

As we walked, I began to wonder what Sola could have told Soji.

“Babes, did you and Soji have any conversation?” I asked

“How do you mean?” she asked me with a questioning look.

“Soji…the way he looked at you…”, I stammered.

She smiled and gave me a familiar pat on my back. “Babe, forget him jare, I don’t know what you see in the guy sef” she said as we continued to walk to the hostel. Everything in me told me that she told Soji something, but….I had no proof.

So I had to forget about Soji anyway.

“Listen”, Lekan began. “I have told you, you have nothing to worry about. I have prayed about this, I know you are the kind of girl I want to be with…”

Are you sure? I am gay oh…

I looked up, and suddenly, I saw Sola. She came into the cafeteria and she looked really upset. I was so scared, I almost moved. Lekan noticed I was distracted and he looked my way and saw her. He stood up on seeing her facial reaction. I froze because I could only imagine the worst.

“Is something wrong, Sola?” Lekan asked as he ushered her to a chair beside him.

Sola smiled as she sat down. She looked at me with disdain, I knew that look…

“Yes Lekan”, she replied as she smiled wickedly at me.

“What is it?” He asked.

“I need to tell you something, but that will be later, dear”, she replied him as she looked at me again, disdainfully. Already I knew she didn’t want me with her brother…I just never knew what lengths she would take to keep me away from him…

Until that day…

* * *

Continue to Episode 3 HERE

* * *

Episode 1 HERE

Written by Oyinkansola Ige

* * *

From the author of SHADOWS, read this intriguing story series titled FINDING ME, click HERE

* * *

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