Sharing Scriptures: 4 Creative Ways To Do So

Apart from regular preaching (which is very important), if you’ve ever wanted to share scriptures in creative and interesting ways, here are 4 creative ways of sharing scriptures:

1. Flyer Designs

Flyer from Street Churchh

Creating designs, even if it’s with simple phone apps like canva or flyer maker, is a good way to share scriptures or scripture quotes. It could be printed and shared as a flyer, shared on social media platforms, or even used as phone wallpaper. A nicely done design gets the attention of people, and just adds that colourful, creative touch to whatever you have to say.

2. Customized Wears

Customised Shirt from LifeGivaStore

Wearing customized apparel is like wearing a small billboard, and making it fashionable. Custom shirts, caps, hoodies are great avenues to share the scriptures. It’s creative, attractive and is a good conversation starter when friends, acquaintances, or colleagues see certain inscriptions on your clothes. There are stores that sell christian merchs, for example, Lifegiva Store, or you could choose to customise on your own with whatever quotes or scriptures you’d love to share. 

3. Audio/Video Content

Platonic or Romantic Cuddles? #lifegivareacts

There are many different ideas you could run with when you decide to use videos to create such content. It can range from using rap and songs, to making skits, cartoon illustrations, videos of sermon/study highlights, or it could be as simple as using tik tok and instagram reels to make videos.

4. Wall Frames or Art

Wall Frame from theprinthouseng

Good wall art/frames would easily get the attention of people because they beautify any space. Frames with scriptures, or gospel related inscriptions are a great way of reminding yourself of God’s word, and telling others about Jesus.

And there you have it, 4 creative ways of sharing scriptures. While you might not think of yourself as a creative person, you can share scriptures in creative ways. Also, sharing the work done by other creatives is not a bad idea.

Have you done any of these before ? Do you have any more suggestions to share ? We’ll be reading in the comment section. 

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Favour Ndakara is a young Christian that lives out her purpose to know God and make Him known. She's also a pharmacist that loves acting, writing and talking. She's convivial and loves the idea of friendships.
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