“Should Christian Women Wear Trousers?” Pastor Iren Reacts.

“Should Christian women wear trousers?” is an agelong and recurrent question among Christians and even Non-Christians alike. It comes up in different ways – church sermons, during outreaches or evangelism, in conversations among friends, to mention a few. Suffice to say, opinions are quite polarised on the issue.

Pastor Emmanuel Iren of Celebration Church International, a fast growing church in Nigeria, has something to say about it. In one of his recent twitter threads, he tweeted: “PEOPLE STILL BELIEVE THE BIBLE FORBIDS WOMEN WEARING TROUSERS? Such a pity. Misinformation has done way more harm than ignorance.”

He continued his thread with an explanation of how he had some evangelistic encounters with certain cab drivers while commuting in the city of Lagos, one of which pointed out that the Bible preaches against women wearing trousers.

"Misinformation has done way more harm than ignorance." – Pastor Emmanuel Iren Click To Tweet

This was his response:

“I shared simple thoughts with him:
1. You said the Bible categorically says: “women should not wear trousers” but you showed me this instead? *(“this” refers to Deuteronomy 22:5)*
2. You assume, trousers “pertains” to men even though men didn’t wear trousers in that day. Men wore skirts! Deu 22:30, 27:20 1 Sam 15:27″

He added: “The Bible teaches decent dressing for both men and women. Preach decency. But to make it about trousers is laughable. Some skirts are worse than trousers. I’m sure you’ve seen some. Think of female engineers or even event planners who have to climb for one reason or the other. Which is more decent for them then? Skirt or trouser? Btw, Taking Deu 22:5 literally will mean that women shouldn’t wear skirts. Like I said earlier, men wore skirts in those days.”

"The Bible teaches decent dressing for both men and women. Preach decency. But to make it about trousers is laughable. Some skirts are worse than trousers." – Pastor Emmanuel Iren. Click To Tweet

You can read the full thread here.

Why do you think people still ask the question “Should christian women wear trousers?” Please comment below. We love to hear from you.

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