What Social Media Should Teach us about Following Christ

Think about how great Instagram and twitter has helped us to understand what following really is and the reasons attached to following. Facebook also infused their follow button but who sends what that button does anyways. Point is.

You either click follow on a person profile for one or more of these reasons:

1. You really have been drawn to the person.

Something spectacular (in your eyes) has struck you about them and you want to, like really want to know more. The degree to which you want to know more might vary. It could be that you just want to soak in every information about them, or perhaps you step it up a notch and even begin to sound like them if they are musicians, activists or public speakers, dress like them if their fashion gets to you and all.

2. The person is familiar.

You’ve heard about the person. Nothing really striking. No internal buzz yet, just external. Everyone is talking about him/her and you’ve seen the person on screen or in person. Just familiar so hey, Click follow.

3. There’s the Famzing followers too.

They just follow so they can famz. They’re pretty much following you for themselves. Do you have that friend who keeps saying I follow that person or this person and you know they’re saying it just because they want you to give them a medal. Yup, they are Famzing followers. [Famzing – Acting as though you are very familiar with someone, though you’re not.]

4. The follow for follow

These group really gets to me. They are the follow for follow. *sigh* there’s no serious attachment whatever. They follow 5000 people in hope that the 5000 will follow them back simply because ‘they’ want 5000 followers. And guess what. It never works and even if it does. They will have 5000 followers and only and average of 52 likes on their picture on IG. Why? Because their followers are not following them.

Why am I saying all these? (Please… Give a moment to drink water and stretch my fingers a bit so I can continue.)

The reason I mentioned all that is to help us to critically consider what we mean when we say we follow christ. Do we do so in the sense of the word of God or in the other context that many say they do along with their personal self-interest driven motives.

It’s important we re-access ourselves and readjust our lives. Anyone can easily forget what it really means to follow Christ as ‘life’ happens to them… We fall… But we must rise up, dying daily, hourly, minutely, secondly or even micro secondly. As soon as you sense that you’re moon walking ?(back sliding) , just begin to sun walking (assuming that sun walking is walking towards to the son- Jesus?).

It’s crazy that when I’m thinking of what I have written, Jesus happens to fall in that 4th category but with a little twist. Actually, a major twist. He got the whole world on the list of His follower at a cost even… his blood. He’s not casually following, he’s following in hopes that we all follow back as serious committed followers. He’s working to make sure we are struck deeply by his love, struck irrecoverably even. He’s not a fool. He’s not a lunatic. He is God. He is Love.


Grace ✌ Peace

Jonathan ‘Deep’ Ojapa

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