Staying Joyful – Even During Difficult Times

I had shared something on one of my social media platforms about staying joyful, even in the face of difficulty. Someone had asked me how that was possible and I remember asking myself the same question a while back.

It is easy to be joyful when things are going well. You do not exactly need motivation to be joyful at times like that. But when the going gets tough, how can one be joyful? Seeing as the Bible instructs us in Philippians 4:4 – Always be full of joy in the Lord. I say it again—rejoice!

Personally, I have been through some rough patches in life. During one of such seasons, I couldn’t pray or even sing along in the church. I lost all my joy and I was just going through the mere motions of each day- I know what it feels like, trust me. However, over time I have come to learn that it is very possible to stay joyful, irrespective of he circumstance. This is because the joy of the Lord isn’t something that is dependent on situations or happenings. It is something that manifests because of who you are.

Remember the fruit of the Spirit outline in Galatians 5? Joy is a part of this fruit. That means, it is part of the things we manifest because we carry the Spirit of God in us.

How we feel is not supposed to determine our countenance or actions in life. We are not led by emotions or feelings. We are led by the Spirit of God... Share on X

Remembering this in the face of difficulty is how you stay joyful regardless. It is the truth or knowledge of the truth that sets a man free. Romans 12:2 says for us to renew our minds. Therefore, remind yourself always that your joy is of and from God, not this earth or its content.

This may mean you having to intentionally surround yourself with people who remind you of this truth. Or having posters in your room/office that reminds you. You could even have them as wallpapers on your devices. This will help when you get carried away by external circumstances.

The mind conforms itself to what it is exposed to. This is why the Bible says to guard our hearts. Even though bad things may happen around us- because we live in a broken world-, in the end, we win! This should give you joy, seeing that God has conquered death (which is often times the worst case scenario) and death is not the end of us. We win even when this phase or life is over. Find comfort in this.

We do not rejoice because our challenges don't go away when we do, we rejoice because it is our nature and because in the end, we win! Share on X

Finally, contrary to what the devil would have you believe, it is you who is in control of how you feel- not your situation or anything else. If you choose to wallow in sadness because of the unfavourable happenings around you, that is what will very likely manifest in your life. However, the minute you decide you are done with that and you choose to switch up, things change!

While you may not have control over some of the situations surrounding you, you can definitely determine your response. For the believer, the response always should be joy. It is who we are and it is what God would have us do. Therefore, the next time you are faced with a difficulty that threatens to steal your joy, remind yourself of these. Also, ask God to help you live out your nature of joy regardless of what you see.

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