Preacher and CongregationHappy sunday everyone, how was your service in church today? Answering that question is exactly what this weekly series is all about, a forum to share our individual experiences while worshiping the living God.

Share as a comment the good, bad and ugly gists, the lessons, dissatisfaction, criticism, distractions,  suggestions…everything from today’s sunday service. 

What was unique/fun/inspiring/frustrating/amusing/inspiring/turn-on/turn-off…about church today?

I’m looking forward to today’s gists. Remember to be “real” as much as possible. My gist is coming up first 😉

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  1. I had an awesome time in church today. There were lots of worship and songs focusing our gaze to the father. Amazing testimonies and sincere hearts showing gratitude.
    It was the convention sunday at the church so we had a guest minister, she kept bursting my head with testimonies of God’s faithfulness in her life, how God raise her from the street hawking to being sort after from many countries of the world.
    Things kinda got off personally for me when she asked people to come on the altar to give $1000 seed to connect to the Apostolic blessing she released, then gave room for those that could do between that and $100. I wondered if God didn’t consider those who were equally expectant but did not have up to that for such august blessing.
    But I had a great time, afterall, it’s a personal walk with God.

  2. Service was Ok. I went to a new church, the pastor preached on end times, a key sermon. But there was no sunday school, so the children were left to wander about, and they kept making so much noise by shouting singing, crying running around and stomping around, i was even hearing them more than i was hearing the preacher. Very cute children.

  3. Church yesterday was great .it was a service full of singing n dancing. though I didn’t enjoy d sermon as such,it was dedicated to d service of d G.O of d church n about his calling n ministry . anyway I enjoyed d praise section.

  4. I didn’t go to church. I had a ministration but couldn’t go. My dad was admitted on saturday night but all the same I give God all the glory.

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