While walking down my street few minutes before 3pm, to urgently recharge my phone. Very few people were on the street as the sun was definitely not in a good mood as it was blazing hot. This made what that was about to both infuriate and crack my ribs more out of place.
What is the first thing that comes to mind to do when you see a young boy of between 7 – 9 years old laughing a well above 60 years old man to scorn? To scold or chastise him! But on this afternoon, I felt like joining him.
This supposed senior-citizen was struggling between the chair and the floor, consciousness and in deep sleep. Alcohol was definitely at work, a cheap one by my guess. Seeing a drunkard in the open street is nothing special as bizarre as that is, but at 3pm, naah.
The boy was obviously having the time of his life trying to get the man overpowered by the influence of alcohol back to his senses by splashing water on his face while the drunkard was busy struggling between keeping on his feet or staying on his butt both of which seem not to work out well.
Too bad I could not wait to see the end of the drama.
So what’s the moral lesson? You decide, but for me; Why subject yourself to an influence that will ridicule your person and make your esteem of no value. I just imagine the man trying to give a life advice to that boy later. We both know how it will be received by the boy.
For you and I, the influence might not be alcohol, but anything that brings to question our person or value should be out rightly avoided. Why do a babe when you have a wife? Why change figures when ehn **** fill up the rest.
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