She said something I won’t forget and her statement made me realize that she was “damaged” she said, “just fight to be a guy’s number one because you can’t be the only one”. Now in her own words.

“I know I am not his only girlfriend, but as long as I am his number one, then it’s all good by me, one guy and one lady are a mere myth that died with the fall of Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden from the very beginning, I may believe every other thing a guy tells or promises me but that he won’t cheat on me is just impossible, a blatant lie, even if he was born a pastor. You probably don’t realize how serious I am with this, this is neither an assumption nor an abrupt conclusion, but proven and tested fact by my own personal experience. Here is the summary of the gist.

Like every other girl in their first relationship, I was naïve, but what is so wrong with loving real and loving hard, at least he professed an unquenchable love for me, I was the only recipe in his cookbook, the only garment in my closet, I was the whole world to him, don’t get me wrong, he sounded so sure and told me it wasn’t a lie, and it was either he was telling the truth or he was an expert liar. He made me like sex. I first believed it wholly whatever it was until I found out that the guy was going to get married to someone else. The next guy I dated was dating me and my Bunkie at the same time and so on and so on.”

This was one of the conversations that occurred in my room during my NYSC orientation camp. We were in the room and usually girls talk about guys and their experiences with different guys. This got me thinking because I was really confused. Is it really true you have to fight to be a guy’s no1 knowing fully well he has other girls? I could not take it, I had a headache thinking.

What do you think, Could she be telling the truth? Do I zero my mind like her and expect every guy to be unfaithful to me? And if she’s wrong, is there a remedy for her? Can anything be done to help correct her mindset? Call me, Miss P, I really want to see your reaction and replies as comments to this post. Thank you for reading.

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