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Love... A miracle! - Tomilola AiyepolaThis is the story of the birth of Jesus written in a contemporary manner from the perspective of Mary and Joseph whose love played a major role in the birth of the saviour of the world. I believe that if it was Adina and Gidon, Eliana and Chanan, Keren and Eldad or any of the tons of other Nazarenes instead of Mary and Joseph, then this story just would not be the same.

After I saw the way he stormed out, I just knew everything was wrong. At the same time I could not deny the conviction I had. This was indeed God. My mind flashed back to Elizabeth. Did she really mean it when she said her baby kicked in response to my voice?  I could not think straight. I kept asking why this decided to happen to me of all people. My mind went so far I began to wish and wonder, What if I was like those Canaan women?, What if I didn’t decide to keep this thing called virginity that has put  me into this mess and maybe cost me the love of my life? I tried to tell myself it was okay but deep down I knew it wasn’t.

Joseph had done so much for me. He had sacrificed so much for me and now I’ve hurt him like this or at least he thought I did. I would never hurt him intentionally. I love him and I would never want to lose him. I don’t….. My thoughts were cut short by the knock at the door. I rushed to check who it was. I tried to gain my voice as I came face to face with him upon opening the door. “I…” “You…” we both trailed off. I was looking into his eyes so intensely searching for an answer when he pulled me into a hug. That was the best of an apology I could get from him but I wasn’t bothered about that, not now. I was just so happy he came back. He understood, making me love him all the more. “Thank you.” It was me who spoke. He only responded by hugging me tighter. Moments later, I heard him say still holding me, “He’s a special child Mary. He’s going to save the world.” I knew immediately that I had the right person to stay with me through everything.

It was over eight months since this baby started growing in me and with me. Joseph was with me all through of course. I was scrolling through my Twitter when I started seeing the hash tags #RomanPopulationCensus #CaesarAugustus and so on. I was still trying to get to the real news when Joseph pinged me. We had to leave Nazareth to go to his hometown, Bethlehem in Judah for the population census. It was a long journey because there were no airports in Bethlehem. We had to go by road. Joseph kept asking to know if I was comfortable all through the journey. Of course I was not totally comfortable with my protruding stomach and aching back but there was really nothing he could do so I kept telling him I was fine. We finally got there and I could not wait to stretch my legs as we parked in front of a hotel. Joseph had gone ahead while I was tagging along a little far behind him. By the time I almost got to the entrance, I saw him coming back out. “What happened?” I asked when he reached me. He told me how there was no available room since everyone was in town for the census so we left to try somewhere else. We went to about four hotels and we kept getting the same annoying response. I felt very apprehensive already. We were at the fifth hotel receiving the same bad news when it happened. My water broke. Disoriented could not explain my disposition at that time. What was I going to do? What was going to happen to my baby? He is supposed to save the world. I faintly heard the receptionist telling Joseph that the only available space was in a garage out back that had not been used in years and had in fact been turned into a place for domestic animals. I was already in labour as Joseph held me with the receptionist leading us to the garage. I still don’t know how it happened or how we did it but about an hour later, I was holding in my hands the most beautiful baby in the world. Joseph wiped the tear drop of joy from my eye as we both looked at him. Just as the angel directed, Joseph called him JESUS. There was nowhere to put him and I knew I couldn’t carry him all day long when Joseph pulled out one of the feeding troughs of the horses and I placed him in there on the bed of hay wrapped in swaddling clothes. I could not take my eyes of this treasure that had not only been given to Joseph and me but had been given to the whole world. I was snapped out of my reverie by Joseph’s voice as I heard him calmly say “Get ready Baby Jesus, it’s time to save the world!”


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  1. This story was well written and it perfectly tells the story of christmas. It also captures the main theme of the season- LOVE. Good one Ma’am

    1. Thank you so much

  2. Great story, apt, cool, real “lovely” . gud one!

    1. Thank you so much.

  3. Wooow. The story is good! Nice way of linking it to Christmas. Weldone.

    1. I appreciate…. Thanks a lot

  4. Wow! I love the 21st century twist to the Christmas story. Thumbs up Tomi!

    1. I’m happy you did. Thank you

  5. Beautiful perspective, beautiful story, beautiful theme… A wonderful contemporary twist. Good job Tomi.

    1. Glad you think so. God bless

  6. This is a typical contemporary setting. Highly creative and exciting. brief and straight to the point.weldine Tomi

    1. I’m glad you were impacted. Thank you

  7. Beautiful story. It’s so captivating.. I’m glad to read a retell of the birth of Christ.

    1. I’m also glad you were blessed. Thank you

  8. I rarely read articles to the end, but this I read. The retell gave more insight to the story. Great work Tomi A.

    1. I’m happy you were blessed. Thank you for taking time to read

  9. Lovely story, keep it up Tomi (y)

    1. Thanks a lot I appreciate

  10. Wow..Good work Tomi

    1. Thanks Toyin?

  11. The writer made a clear and calculated attempt to set the Biblical story against the background of the social reality of the present day world

    1. Thank you so much for taking your time to read and comment

  12. Love… a miracle by Tomi Aiyepola is awesome! I love the creativity and the perspective. That’s my winner right there!

    1. Thank you so much. I’m happy you were blessed

  13. this is an awesome write-up. Well-done Tomi

    1. Thank you

  14. Wow!! You brought all Mary’s apprehensions to life in a relatable way to this present time! Good job! With stories like this the Good News will remain new.

    1. I’m really glad you could relate. Thank you for reading

  15. Beautifully creative. Hilarious contemporary twist. This has got to be innate. Nice one, Tomilola.

    1. Thanks a lot.

  16. Yay! I saw everything in my head as I wrote it. 🙂 Nice job.

    1. I’m happy you enjoyed it. God bless

  17. Wonderful Narrative

    1. Thanks lot. I appreciate it

  18. Very nice story Tomi. I’ve read it so many times already… The twitter cracked me up. God bless u for this.

    1. I’m really glad you enjoyed it. Amen and you too

  19. Love d twist u added to it….keep it up

    1. Thanks a lot..God bless

  20. This is creativity at its best.. Nice one Tomi

    1. Thank you so much.

  21. I like it
    Nice one Tomi

    1. I’m glad you do. Thank you

  22. Always knew you were a queen with the pen, but this here is…… Wonderful, love the perspective and the impact, LOVE , the greatest gift. NYC one dearie, keep it up. Proud of you.

    1. I’m really happy you were impacted. Thanks dear

  23. *Coughs*. Amazing twist to the story of Jesus. I’m sure they shopped for the baby clothes on Ruff n Tumbles or Jumia?

  24. Very awesome and creative.

  25. Amazing article. It’s thought-provoking. I am so proud of you dear.

  26. Wow!!! Tomi this is a really amazing story I love it…keep it up

  27. Awesome write up

  28. Good job darling cousin, so proud of you. You are blessed. I love it! May God see you through Amen

  29. Execellent write up dearie, job well done.

  30. A perspective from a writer! I love this! ❤

  31. Tomilola Aiyepola tells the story of the birth of Jesus from a fresh angle. I love this!

  32. Tomilola Aiyepola tells the story of the birth of Jesus from a fresh angle. Well done girl!

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