A past so deep haunts Jadesola. Sim runs in the shadows of who she thinks she is. The two sisters run the same path, yet never meet at any point- until the cross. Muddled Affairs shows that it is at the cross that every failure, every pain, every shame is taken away and replaced with a newness of heart. Some days, it is the ones we love that hurt us. What we do is to take it to the cross and leave it there.

“I believe in you and Me, I believe that we will be…in love eternally”… Simi hummed Whitney Houston’s song as she arranged Mariam’s room. She didn’t want Mariam thinking she was taking advantage of the good gesture of allowing her squat for a while.

She thought about all the people that would be hurt on hearing about the pregnancy. Her sister. Amelia. Her mum. Oh..her mum would raise hell, considering the fact that she and Gbade never got along from the start, even after her father’s death. Her mum always thought Gbade was a schemer. A con artist. A liar. A fraudster and an opportunist. Mum also thought he convinced dad to divorce her. But so far, he had been nothing but a gentle man. How would her sweetheart, Kolapo, feel about it? She was able to amass a lot of money from Chief Gbade to aid his travel to the US. Apparently, he hadn’t been picking his calls, until she sent him a text message, threatening to kill herself if he did not come to see her. He agreed, and they were to meet this evening.

She packed her hair into a bun and put on some make up. Lipstick, eye-shadow, eye liner and her thick blue mascara that highlighted her long lashes. She looked in the mirror and she felt.  Different.

Is this me? She wondered. Tears began to fall down her eyes. This isn’t what I wanted Lord, this isn’t. It’s too late to turn back, there’s nowhere to turn to. Nowhere, no one.

There was a knock at the door. She cleaned her face immediately, stood up shoulder high and went to open the door, eve. If she was too scared of what could be lurking outside.

He came in looking like he had made up his mind even before coming. His emotions seemed guarded up, and he barely looked into her eyes.

“Hey dear…”

She tried to kiss him, but he took his mouth away from the direction of hers and grabbed a chair rather carelessly. .

“What’s this about Simi?”

“You’ve not been picking my call, that’s what this is about damn it!”

He shrugged his shoulders. I have been busy Simi. Processing my visa…

A trip that I paid for? You lack manners honestly. You think you can just…”

“You’re having an affair, yes or no?”

Simi froze. He knew. Her heart thumped as she gazed at him, clueless of what to say.

“Answer me you slut!”, he shrieked as tears came down his face. “You are having affair, yes or no?”

“It’s not like that”, Simi replied coolly, even if she knew the argument could end up in any way. She hoped for the worst and for the best.

“You have the guts to tell me it’s not like that?” he asked, sitting down on the bed and looking at her with such disgust. “And I hear you are pregnant,” he added, looking at Simi with so much rage.

Simi sat down quietly and began to sob. “I did it…it all for you, Kolapo. We needed the money…”

“I didn’t ask you to sleep with anyone to get me money for visa or for travelling bad such. If things got worse, I would have stayed here. Do you think our relationship was a joke?” He asked as he looked at her again, with such disgust.

“Not that”, she replied. “I’m sorry…”

“Sorry is overrated these days, don’t you think?”

Simi shifted closer to him and held his hand. “We can begin again…”

“Who is the baby’s father?”, he asked as he stared at her tummy with such inquisitive eyes.

” I. …I..I don’t know.. “

“You don’t know?”, he screamed as he got up from the bed and paced around the room. “How many men have you slept with, that you can’t identify the owner of the baby?”

“Kolapo, I.  “

“And to think I was warned that you were no good…”

He headed for the door and opened it. Simi began to sob heavily, her eyes became red and she felt like she was losing her mind. ‘I love you…isn’t that enough?’

‘Love is not always enough Simi..”

He seemed like he wanted to say more, but he left almost immediately. Simi began to cry all over again as she locked the door and hugged her pillow.

The man she loved walked away, when all she did was for him. For them. But he walked away. And she was left alone to tend her broken heart.


Mariam paced around Kolapo’s apartment. She seemed nervous. She had been waiting over an hour for him, since he went to see Simi. She hoped he wouldn’t go back on his word. She really hoped.

The door flung open and Kolapo came in. She watched him, as he sat down, looking morose. She came to him and sat beside him, waiting for him to say something.

“She was so helpless”, he said as he smiled. “You were right, she’s having an affair and she’s pregnant…”

“Shhh…”, she said as she kissed him lightly. “At least, we can be together now” she said as she hugged him and he responded by kissing her too.

“What would I have done without you, Mariam? You’re different from her. Chaste, pure and honest. You’re everything I want dear. “

“But what is going to happen now that you’re travelling?” She asked as she sat up, adjusting her clothes.

“We will keep in touch, won’t we?”, he asked as he stroke her chin. “There’s Skype, viber, Facebook, whatsapp, bbm and a host of social media platforms we can take advantage of dear…”

They began to kiss again, this time intensely and full of all passion. They seemed forgotten, lost in a world of their own lust.

Suddenly the door flung open.

And Simi walked in.

Episode 6 continues on Friday, 12th August.

Written by; Oyinkansola Ige

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