maxresdefaultThis sleep matter is a very serious something oh.
When I was much younger, I watched a movie, trust Nigerian film nau, it was a church scene, the preacher was ministering and someone dressed scarily in all black depicting a demon I suppose, was going round knocking the heads for the congregation and they started sleeping.
Omo manh… it was some scary stuff for me and I still have vivid memory of it. With that consciousness, I tried not to sleep during service because for every time I had to fight it or found myself dozing, I felt like the demon was winning, but on some others days, that wasn’t enough to keep up, I actually will sleep without repentance.
Today, having slept for approximately just 2hours before the service, I knew I was in for a battle…
As usual, it always starts from the message, just as the message begun, I saw a couple (I don’t know if they knew themselves before then though), the lady was nodding while she was trying to write, so the gentleman gently tapped her and she opened her eyes. Immediately, the gentleman dropped his tab he was using to take notes and just rubbed his face oh. My dear Brethren, in just a few seconds, my guy done dey doze too. With mad heavy red eyes, the lady looked at him and right from that moment till the end, that’s how they were changing positions and dozing in unity in the Lord. It made me laugh my sleep away though. 😀
Oya forgive my aproko self, but these are the drama  that keep me awake on my days of sleep struggle. Seeing how funny it looks on them or even having to wake them up keeps me awake.

Moral lesson for today’s Message:

The fact that you are in a car park doesn’t make you a car, the fact that you are on the runaway, doesn’t make you an airplane so the fact that you are in a Christian gathering doesn’t make you a Christian. Christianity is a personal relationship God, it’s about your heart. What’s your relationship with God like?

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