_32Rough, shapeless, not a beauty to look upon. Yet in the midst of the mud I hear a soft soothing voice say to me, “you will be that little piece needed to complete the stone puzzle and unlock a hidden treasure.” On second thought, maybe I am just hallucinating. Either that or I have simply found myself in a mirage. It wasn’t always this way.

I was part of a huge magnificent rock that exhibited its multicolored surface without resistance. When the breeze blew, it unveiled its beauty. When the moon was out, it was almost impossible not to look twice at the wonderful display of creativity. Until one day there was impact. A force from the east approached voraciously and smashed the rock and with that, the beauty of the city had become history. “It was not that bad” I said to myself, “at least I found myself somewhere”.

Just then I was stepped on and rolled over by the flowing surface water. I knew it was going to be a bumpy ride, considering the topography of the environ. Once little and light, I had become quite heavy. Sadly, my heaviness was not because I filled myself with potential, but because I allowed anything that passed to stick around.

Then one day, a hand picked me up. It was not so beautiful, as it had scars from whips and scourges. It picked and dropped me in a flowing water. The water pressure intensified as it hit me, and every drop left a painful impression. It seemed like it was taking forever till I was picked out of the water. The feeling of the gentle breeze was so soothing, but not long after I was dropped in the fire. I yelled from within as the fire intensified and concentrated its heat on me.

It felt like a part of me was leaving. In fact, now I stare at my pen and paper wondering what to write because I haven’t still found the perfect word to describe how I felt. Battered? Distressed? Deprived? Maltreated? Despised? No! These words are simply undermining what I felt. I had lost my sight of beauty, possibility and vision. All I was left with was hope which I realized was quickly fading away.

Coming out of the fire, I felt lighter as all the extra weight had burned off. Now I could see myself without all the dumps I had accommodated. I felt perfect because I was now the way I was before, but the hand didn’t think so.

He picked me and placed me beside a laser cutter, “what! This is obviously the end for me.” My last prayer was all I could think of as the workman picked the laser cutter and directed it towards me. (Silence) I choose not to bother myself, because a detailed tour through my vocabulary would not be efficient enough to get the perfect words

I cried out helplessly because I couldn’t accommodate the fact that the hand was there to help. But right on time, He pulled me and placed me in front of a mirror. Tears ran down my cheeks, the ones I had not shed since my adventure started.  They were tears of joy indeed.

I am beautiful, more so than I ever thought I would be. Then I asked, “You have scars and dents. Why fix me at your own expense?” Then he said “I took the whips and endured the cross just because of you and wouldn’t stop until you become not just who you were but whom I want you to be.” Then he picked me and placed me in a puzzle. Oh how I fitted in so perfectly, unlocking great potentials.

So I will simply say, don’t stop until His glorious standard becomes a reality to you.

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By: Success Eze

Success Eze is the head of leadership and learning at Success within International. A builder by profession. The convener of the Help Meet conference. A graduate of Covenant University Bsc. Building Technology. Expresses herself best via speaking and writing. Her highest value is her heart for God.

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