Struggling With ADDICTIONS – A Way Out

Are you struggling with Addictions or Sinful Habits? Or do you know someone who is? Read this!??

You see, when we believe in Jesus, we believe that God has known about our tendencies to sin because of the fall and how sin has death has its wage.

In God’s love for us, rather than have us face Him in judgment to pay for our sins, He sent his son Jesus to pay for it in stead. Now by believing in Him, We no longer have to feel that God will punish us for wrongdoings. We thank him instead for seeing our shortcoming and choosing to do something about it.

Does this mean that we just fall into any thing and feel comfortable with it? Nope… why so?

More than believing that Jesus has paid for our sin and given us peace in our heart with God concerning judgment we also believe that God gives us His spirit of Holiness to help us walk in His ways (Ezekiel 36:26) and as a seal of the covenant we have with him. He helps us deal with the weakness of our flesh by strengthening us to do what is right (Romans 8). We can trust Him and subdue our fleshy desires.

The Holy Spirit helps us deal with the weakness of our flesh by strengthening us to do what is right. Share on X

Guard your heart, don’t indulge yourself/ mind in activities that would cause you or anyone to fall. Make every effort to subdue your flesh and go do trusting God’s power to be tremendously available.

Guard your heart, don't indulge yourself/ mind in activities that would cause you or anyone to fall. Share on X

If along the way, we make mistakes. We must not forget what the sacrifice of Jesus has done. 1 John 2:1-2

If you’re struggling with addictions, God has you in mind. More than anyone He is here to help you. Let your heart know this.

The best news is that when your King Jesus comes, He will give you a new body. You will never again have to struggle with doing what pleases God. Never again. He has thought about you and He is here to help you now by His spirit… In the days to come, He will end your struggles completely.

Grace N Peace

Jo Deep

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