Sunday Gist – The Day I Didn't Tie Scarf to Church

how to wear scarf to church lifegivaSo this morning, I decided to go to the church (an orthodox church) down our street after about 6 months of being AWOL.
I had‎ just one available ironed cloth to wear which was a native gown that didn’t have a scarf. (If you live in lagos, you would know how hot the weather has been). I decided to use on of those mini scarves to band my hair, it left a considerable portion of my hair out which was good enough for me because of the heat. (My weave is one of those bushy full curly ones).
Anyways, I entered church and I just felt people’s eyes on me, that’s expected anyway 😉 . I sat down and was enjoying the Sunday school lesson when the pastor just came to my side and said “Hey!!! You come here“. I obediently went to his side and curtseyed in front of me wondering why he hadn’t used my name. He then went on like ‘”why aren’t you wearing a scarf, you have changed, you go to school and come back with all sorts of behaviour, in my theological training not using scarf has a lot of spiritual implications especially during prayer and on and on and on
I smiled and apologized and agreed not to come to church like that again. I had barely sat when one of the elderly women popularly known as evangelist ‎pulled the chair beside me and tapped me saying, “my sister, God bless you, the spirit of the lord told me now that you should always wear your scarf fully when coming to church“.
I was already feeling really somehow and I also thanked her (besides once about 2 years back, this woman had called me out of the church to correct me for tying my scarf round my neck like an hijab and made me tie it again in front of her).
The holy spirit is not one of confusion, the only lesson is that we can’t equate our church rules with the word of God, and now if ever I find myself going to that church, I should just tie the typical sister scarf to avoid future embarrassment.
Sunday gist by,
Omolola Adekunle

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Have an awesome week 😉 ?

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