Djibouti, Djibouti city, Portrait of young african girl with a red scarf on the head sitting in fronSusan has been sitting on the same spot for about 3 months now. Susan is neither crippled nor deficient in any way. She could have stood up and found a way of escape, but no, she chose to stay seated on that same spot because of the condition is given to leave that spot; because of what moving an inch from that spot meant.
The condition that was given by her father. A condition; a threat.
Susan is a 14 years old girl in Uganda and just about four months ago, she first heard the name ‘Jesus’ or anything about His goodness. She was told by a missionary that came to her school of how He lived thousands of years back. How He did mighty things while He walked the surface of the earth. How He ultimately died and was raised back to life the third day which marked Him paying His life for her eternal salvation.
Susan believed and joined the local fellowship. She carried her small new bible about and read as much as she could.
Susan’s dad, a chronic Muslim, noticed these changes and threatened Susan and her brother. He said he will kill them if they don’t stop reading the bible and joining the local church fellowship. Apparently, Susan refused and on a fateful day, the father took her to an empty room, put a mat in the centre of the room and said, “Sit on the mat and do not move until you are ready to denounce Jesus“. He left the room and locked the door and never returned.
Susan is still alive after 3 months. Her little brother will dig a hole under the door and pour water through for her to lap up and also slide fried plantain beneath the door.
On another fateful day, a neighbour inquired from the brother where Susan was, having not seen her for 3 months. The brother told him about what the dad had done. Police officers were notified and the father was arrested and Susan rescued. Though she weighed just about 20 kilos and her bones were already growing, taking the shape of her sitting positing. After few months of rehabilitation, she was asked why she didn’t escape and flee from the room. Her response was amazing.
She said, “My father said if I left that mat, I’ll be denying Jesus, and I can never do that, not at the expense of my life
Standing up from that mat for Susan meant denouncing her saviour. Blaspheming His name and she will rather die and meet Him in Glory than take His name in vain.
Whatever lesson it is for you to pick from this story. Ranging from being true to the faith we have received even in the face of persecution and to the extent of death. To seeing and holding the seriousness and value that is accrued to the person and name of our saviour Jesus, please learn.
Nigeria had the first phase of her 8th democratic election less two weeks ago, and one thing that pierced my heart the most was how the name of God and the Scripture that was meant to be held sacred was blasphemed (taking casually and with worthlessness and disrespect) even by the so-called believers.
I remember seeing BBM DPs of munched passages of the bible that had something for or against a party or contestant for the presidential seat. One that comes to mind was a passage in Jeremiah 38 that said something about not sending him to the house of Jonathan to die there.
I understand that it was merely a source of fun and entertainment for most. But the believers didn’t realise that these jokes were started by an unbeliever who doesn’t know the value of the name and word of God. Instead of believers to condemn this act and not be a part of it. We joined them proving to them that we don’t take seriously what we believe.
I was once with a family and one of the children was jesting out of play with the mum. The dad scolded him on that spot and said, “Respect my wife”. That illustrates what I mean.
The value you place on what is yours can be perceived by others by how you handle it.
Another set of elections will run today, but even beyond today. Will you join others to drag to the mud the name and the word of the person that laid down His life to rescue you? Learn from the 14 years old Susan.


Susan during rehabilitation

Story from “OPEN DOOR USA”

* * *

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