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I Am Art

I attended ‘’I am Art’’, an Art exhibition showcasing Christian Artists, on the  4th November 2016, and it inspired me to share my thoughts and my journey with Art. I love Art; every single

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Life not Skin

Do You wash the external part of your tank alone and leave the inner part?! Or you ensure that just the outer part of your car is sparkling..? You look into the mirror every


Closer Than My Breath

I’m with you wherever you go.Just call me”I hear this all of the time.But I sit on my bed and I have travelled nations and seas alone.Slept out of my bed in the coldWalked



My Lord, What do you want? You gave me this RESTaurant You said I should consider the ways of the ant I want to know when you’ll come so I would not be found in

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City On A Heel

Hair, check! Nails, check! Face, check! Dress, check! Shoes, check! Flat or heels, now you look good right?! Thank you! You just succeeded in doing all you can to get His atTENion by observing the



Washed in his blood and forgiven all absolutes, Here I stand saved and sanctified, Sticks and stones the enemy hurls at me Yet I forge on in this pilgrim’s journey Perfection is the goal, crown

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Let he that thinks he stands take heed lest he fall…… Let he that thinks he fell take heed because he will rise again, if he trusts God. That he is me. I’m the one

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