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Life not Skin

Do You wash the external part of your tank alone and leave the inner part?! Or you ensure that just the outer part of your car is sparkling..? You look into the mirror every



My kid sister, Sophia, was full of life when she jumped on me to scream out that Jude was back. She had been keeping to herself for close to a month. With my sleepy eyes,


Closer Than My Breath

I’m with you wherever you go.Just call me”I hear this all of the time.But I sit on my bed and I have travelled nations and seas alone.Slept out of my bed in the coldWalked


Lukewarm Ness

Are you Hot? Or Cold. Remember when you were in the world. You clubbed every friday. You couldn’t count the girls you got laid. Or the guys that got you laid. Your everyday outfits revealed



So her name’s Grace, Yeah, a girl whose beauty would piggyback on time’s broad back For thousands of years to come, she’ll remain the talk of all, A precious jewel whose charm and wits know


SAFE HAVEN: Episode 25

TWO WEEKS LATER… Priscilla entered the familiar house and expelled a deep breath from her long walk. Mrs Bridget sat in the veranda fanning herself because there was no electricity; she went to join


SAFE HAVEN: Episode 24

*** TWO DAYS LATER… Silence reigned in the parlor as Mrs. Bridget tried to absorb what Priscilla related to her concerning her husband’s ultimatum. The older woman let out a deep breath. The same


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