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SAFE HAVEN: Episode 25

TWO WEEKS LATER… Priscilla entered the familiar house and expelled a deep breath from her long walk. Mrs Bridget sat in the veranda fanning herself because there was no electricity; she went to join


SAFE HAVEN: Episode 24

*** TWO DAYS LATER… Silence reigned in the parlor as Mrs. Bridget tried to absorb what Priscilla related to her concerning her husband’s ultimatum. The older woman let out a deep breath. The same


SAFE HAVEN: Episode 23

Tunde sat beside his mother. Two days ago, she had woken up and the doctor had informed them her recovery was steady. Today, she was smiling softly with convalescence plastered on her elderly features


SAFE HAVEN: Episode 22

Tunde walked briskly through the stale corridor, his heart beat crazily in his chest from the anger and frustration he couldn’t seem to dispense of since Priscilla  left. He walked towards the large hall


SAFE HAVEN: Episode 21

ONE WEEK LATER Tunde walked through the lawn; his eyes behind the dark shades were red with dark circles beneath testifying to his lack of sleep. He finally got to the car and paused


SAFE HAVEN: Episode 20

The loud banging on the door woke the whole house up. The knock was so loud and disturbing, it was frightening but Demilade got up at the sound of the shrill ringing of her


SAFE HAVEN: Episode 19

He smiled at her as she walked in but he did not get up, Karen sighed as she walked towards his oak table: it was littered with documents and notepads. “You won’t even look


SAFE HAVEN: Episode 16

PRESENT DAY… The restaurant at the end of the road was one of their favorite spots for lunch break. It was never crowded and the members of staff were well trained. Tunde and Karen

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