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SAFE HAVEN: Episode 15

DAY 2… “No, no. You can’t do that, Sola” Festus replied shaking his head. Her patience was wearing off fast. She heard the distant howl of a dog and the air was cool that


SAFE HAVEN: Episode 14

FOUR YEARS AGO… Sola Irumogbe walked into the hotel room, it was empty. She hissed in irritation, seeing he had not arrived and looked at the leather watch strapped tightly across her chubby wrist,


SAFE HAVEN: Episode 13

Richard lit a cigarette from the almost empty pack on the stool beside his bed; the rumpled white sheet was thrown flimsily to cover the lower part of his body. He pulled in the


SAFE HAVEN: Episode 12

Priscilla turned round in response, expecting to see her husband but she stood face to face with Richard. She nearly stumbled off the railing in pure shock but he caught her waist before she


SAFE HAVEN: Episode 11

CLICK ME TO READ PREVIOUS EPISODES “Get dressed; we’re going out for a dinner party” Priscilla awrapped the towel around her and stepped out of the bathroom her body glistening with moisture. She turned to


SAFE HAVEN: Episode 10

CLICK ME TO READ PREVIOUS EPISODES Tunde walked into the orchard in seething anger, he was angry tired and disappointed again at the same person who always seemed responsible for it, seeing his parents and


SAFE HAVEN: Episode 9

CLICK ME TO READ PREVIOUS EPISODES The last porcelain plate filled with vegetables was placed on the dining table and she stepped back to survey her work, it looked good: it had to look good,


SAFE HAVEN: Episode 8

CLICK ME TO READ PREVIOUS EPISODES …AS soon as she stepped into the church, she knew she had made the right decision. Only that today, the organs stood still waiting for someone to play them.


SAFE HAVEN: Episode 7

CLICK ME TO READ PREVIOUS EPISODES His gallery was beautiful, given the fact that this was the first time she had ever been to one. They had walked round the gallery twice but the more


SAFE HAVEN: Episode 6

CLICK ME TO READ PREVIOUS EPISODES It was two weeks after the one night stand with the stranger. Priscilla sat quietly in the bathtub in the guest room reveling in the privacy, Tunde could be

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