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Life not Skin

Do You wash the external part of your tank alone and leave the inner part?! Or you ensure that just the outer part of your car is sparkling..? You look into the mirror every


Closer Than My Breath

I’m with you wherever you go.Just call me”I hear this all of the time.But I sit on my bed and I have travelled nations and seas alone.Slept out of my bed in the coldWalked


Lukewarm Ness

Are you Hot? Or Cold. Remember when you were in the world. You clubbed every friday. You couldn’t count the girls you got laid. Or the guys that got you laid. Your everyday outfits revealed

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Why Feed the MONSTER?

Why feed the MONSTER? Because she crawled into your house,  you want to leave her in your home? Eating the little food you have to manage? Then eat you after she’s done with what you

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Trust is ___

This is a very sensitive issue. It is jumping down a 10 Storey building expecting to be caught. It is when all things are off, but you know the light at the end of

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