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Deeper Intimacy With God

So my heart went on another level of desire for intimacy with the Holy Spirit sometime last week… Not like I was not fellowshipping, I just did not have a time that was like,


Closer Than My Breath

I’m with you wherever you go.Just call me”I hear this all of the time.But I sit on my bed and I have travelled nations and seas alone.Slept out of my bed in the coldWalked


Letters from God – 2

Me seeks self, satisfaction, pleasure Addiction is “Me’s” worst nightmare Addiction to self-seeking pleasure and satisfaction These chains are burdensome on me Help is calling… I will, I can and I will But… It’s got


Letter From God – 1

My dearly beloved, Be mindful little eyes, what you see Be mindful little’s ears, what you hear Be mindful little mouth, what you say Be mindful little heart, what you reason Because the devil goes

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