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Poem – Down On My Knees

Down on my knees, I know my family wants the best for me but sometimes it’s hard to tell what they want from thee Willing to be my best just to maintain sanity, appreciative of


Deep In Shallow Thoughts

It happened so fast, suddenly I felt like I had immediately before my very eyes lost it all. A picture flashed my mind as it seemed I was the joke, the Humpty Dumpty that had


Identity Crisis – Poem

It was always about one thing that my heart knew but my head never really could understand. It was always about a presence so overwhelming the entirety of my being couldn’t withstand. It was always


Sometimes I Wonder

Sometimes I feel bad about the usage of the sun’s energy, humans are so heartless they use and use never caring if the earth’s power would one day finish Sometimes I worry about the water



In the heat of the moment, I cry out from the depth of my soul; Lord purge, purify and make me whole. I’m on a fast lane down a dangerous hole. Seeking to find bearing,


Life Is Suspense?

“Suspense is life, you never know what to expect.” Such words I’ve heard for years from people that I look to with respect. Now seeing through a baby’s eyes I discover life with God

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