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FINDING ME: Episode 7

While we watched Scandal, I continued to pray in my spirit that God would take control of things between dad and mum. I sense Joke was doing the same. I believed that God would do


FINDING ME: Episode 6

Things became easier when I began praying for dad. I figured that since I couldn’t judge him, and since I couldn’t confront him, I could pray for him. So I wake up every morning at


FINDING ME: Episode 5

I woke up. Sweating. My head was aching so badly, and I wondered why I had such a nightmare. ‘Dad cheating on mum with Aunt Beatrice? No!’ I knelt down immediately and prayed. I prayed


FINDING ME : Episode 3

I sat upright on my bed throughout the night. First, it seemed like a dream that dad was cheating on mum. Even if he seemed a bit distant, I didn’t believe he would cheat. As



Voices. Here and there. Anike goes through life each day fighting voices that tell her who she is and who she is not. She reaches crossroads and begins to see that she is losing herself to the cares all around her. Will she go through this is one piece and realise who she truly is?

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