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When Feeling Low

Feeling low, feeling down, feeling sad, unmotivated, depressed…no matter what you call it, we all get there one time or the other, and we all deal with it differently, some deal with it well, some,


My Fear List

I have a number of things that scare me and keep me awake at night.  I realized that these things were negatively affecting my decision-making process;  I was constantly seconding guessing my decisions because ‘’Fear



Yesterdays were once series of tomorrows. Today is someone’s future. Tomorrow is a mystery. Time-zone wise, some of us are in tomorrow. Soliloquizing, I say this to my sorrow “I deserve better! How come others are


Says who???

We have found ourselves in a world where “someone said this”, “my doctor said that”, “the economy says this”, “the government says that” is the order of the day. Nobody seems to have a word of their


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