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I attended the kind of University where upholding discipline is celebrated like the birth of a new born baby. Students literally live on their toes, or never sleep with both eyes closed because in one minute you might be claiming to be an Hebronite and the next you will be wearing your graduation gown prematurely; expulsion. As highly anticipated as departure service was, because it was the long anticipated break from the stringent rules and regulation and thinly tailored lifestyle, it is also a night to dread, for those who during the course of the semester have been booked for an offence or the other and whose verdict haven’t be revealed. They all get to meet their fate that night.
An interesting part of passing out the verdict during departure service is hearing the funny offences for which the offenders are being sanctioned. The normal practice is, as each person is been arraigned, their offence will be announced along side ranging from theft to sexual assault, insurbodination, use of hard drugs, but a very funny but rather unfortunate one is “accomplice to a crime” which attracts the same or very close to the the same pronouncement.
My point, being an accomplice to a crime is as much condemnable as being the criminal literally.
Being an accomplice can be as innocent as just keeping quiet while a crime is being perpetrated in your presence, acting “the innocent”, in the name of avoiding trouble. You say, “as long as it doesn’t affect me”. Imagine if Peter Parker had stopped that thief, his beloved uncle would have not lost his life minutes after to that same thief (for those who have watched one of the releases of the movie ‘Spider Man’).
Sometimes, that you tried, said something, even if it went on a deaf ear is enough. Imagine how terrible you will eventually feel if you realised that your failure to just say something instead of just minding your business led to the loss of lives or properties or even a bad outcome for d cuprit.
Let’s learn to stand for the truth, regardless of how hard the circumstance(s) might seem. Remember what James said “So any person who knows what is right to do but does not do it, to him it is sin (James 4:17)”.
Don’t think too far, let me give an instance, you allow your friend turn your room into a brothel, he picks them, ladies, up and nail them in your room, and you be like, at least I’m not the one doing it. Ok, I rest my case.
I hope I was able to pass the message across. Thank you for reading.

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Icommit is an initiative of Have You Eaten, a social enterprise committed to saving, feeding, and empowering the less privileged in the society. It is our organisation’s commitment to reaching kids orphaned by terrorist activities in the north. In line with United Nation’s World Humanitarian day which holds on August 19 every year. We began visiting such kids in specific orphanages and sharing relief materials with them. Last year our team in Plateau state visited four of such homes and reached about 200 precious children. Now we’re making it three states. You can commit to this cause by talking about us with the hashtag #icommit and directing your friends to http://­­icommit-2014/. You can also give towards the campaign.

Our details are as follows:

Zenith Bank, Acct name: Have You Eaten, Acct no: 1013545825.

Thank you, we hope you have eaten. God bless.

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