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There may not be a lot of things that are central to the current human condition, but things like the search for purpose, the meaning of life, and the search and pursuit of fulfillment. I think the C.S. Lewis’ succinctly composed writing below encapsulates the Christian perspective and truth on this. “Satisfaction only happens when you’re glad in Him.”

Art of Joy – the title track of Jackie Hill Perry’s debut album released on debut album discusses this. The album is definitely one of my favorites of last year, and this year. Get it for FREE  HERE or support by buying it on iTunes here:

Song Title: The Art of Joy
Artiste: Jackie Hill Perry
Genre: Rap and Hip Hop
[Verse 1]
When I wake up new mercies meet me
Two hearses greet me
They search me with an urgency(weed), sea deep like seaweed
Bodypaint in this cursive
This worship is rehearsal
It’s universal who you work trough
The churches purpose is to search you, mmm
This verse’s purpose is to lurk the murkin’ purpose of the joy thief
I seen it hidden
Where the joy be?
Inside the commands the plan B ‘Destroy me’
The part of me
That can’t enjoy Thee
The ploy be deploy peace
Two fingers like a 70’s boy seen with some bell bottoms
Hell always riding with objects
They rejected better yet they forgotten the compass
That the optics only option is spotting the Abba
When adoption’s got you, Gotham is cropped from the topic
It’s a process when no watching or rockin’ his promise
Must be honest there’s some blindness this time in my progress
Um then I remember
You make us happy when we look at you
You make us happy when we look for you
Satisfaction only happens to those
Who were glad in you
Glad in you
[Verse 2]
I tried to find joy in everything
Searched a couple mountains
Even thought I could get it from two from fifteens
That filled my lungs with something higher and inspire me like a sixteen or Sistine
It didn’t work
But what did it was the finished work
Brought me back to Himself
Now I’m living in reverse
Seeing good gifts as a glimpse of the giver
Not the gifts as a giver
Merry Christmas if the vision works
If you seen him then you get it
An image no sentence can keep out of a mental prison
Our mental was limited with mention of His existence
When it was finished, that was the beginning of all joy, all the attention
If I’m happy in You
I’m happy with You
Attraction to You makes our drastic passions turn to ashes
Grab the urn and burn it faster
Then Jackie Turner satisfaction serving you
I’m just happy learning you

“The Art of Joy” is an album that will call you to introspection, reflection, and worship. Jackie Hill Perry’s thoughtfully painted portrayal of the Gospel directs the listener to seek out joy that is not dependent on our circumstances, but what Christ has accomplished on our behalf. [Excerpt from Humble Beast official website]


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Grace and Peace be unto you
Timi Ogunde
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