2014-04-09-thebigpicture-thumbThe doctor signs the death certificate routinely like he has done countless times and will yet do in the future. The business tycoon is no more. He lays there motionless as the motions of death get to work. He once had large investments, an empire of wealth so large that he could sustain several generations.

Somewhere around the corner of a street, lays a jilted bride in a crumpled white dress now crimson with blood. Suicide  seemed to be the only way out of her mess.

The news headlines and social media circulate the sad tale of a fatal plane crash. There are no survivors at all. The nation’s flag flies at half-mast.

It is usually at the point of tragedy and in the face of the apparent frailty of human life that people love to give a consideration to purpose. Purpose is the foundation for every goal, plan, pursuit and vision. Have you ever thought of what could satisfy completely? Perhaps, a bottle of coke, a P.H.D, a good spouse or a successful career? Have you ever wondered why people seem to be in such an endless pursuit for happiness or a continuous cycle for satisfaction? It is probably because their happiness is tied to things, to events, to happenings. Such an induced feeling is bound to be short-lived.

For the believer, there is a more excellent way. There is a better way to see things. I remember vividly when I got my first pair of glasses. I recall how that everything seemed newer, cleaner and brighter. The glasses made me notice how that I could see much better, a need I had not actively realized. It is the same for the believer. Only this time, the lens is God’s word.

Take a ride with me and let us brainstorm together.

A Christian who has lost sight of purpose is no more than a soldier who has become entangled in civilian affairs or a spy who has forgotten his mission in an enemy country. How disastrous! So why were you saved? To build a house, marry a spouse, make some more money? Certainly not. These things are not an end in themselves but the means to an end. They do not have the capability to bring the widely sought fulfillment.

You see, just like the short-lived nature of a perfume scent or the sweet taste of a bubble gum, a lot of things are point blank ephemeral. Take a good look around and consider how many things are of eternal worth. Is it a good job, education, Nobel laureate or a Grammy? Very few things would matter after now, just the same way JAMB Exams are no longer a concern to you. Your salvation is of eternal worth, so are the works of ministry that you do. So go the extra mile to build on things that have eternal value.

I present to you THE BIG PICTURE. You were made to do much more than just live life. It is time for Christians to see beyond their noses, to stop staggering in a blinding haze of chronic myopia and reach out for the clear light of dawn, the birth of purpose.

There is a call to ministry for EVERY believer. A call to shine out to a dark world. Jesus died so that those who live, should no longer live unto themselves, but for him who died for them and rose again. Therefore, to live a self-centered life would be to live life below par. It is said that everyone dies, but not everyone lives. Paul aptly sums this up in four words: To Live Is Christ.

I encourage you to drop the hen’s perspective and pick up the eagles instead. Pause for a moment to consider what is worth devoting the next 60 to 70 years to. Cause your dreams and aspirations to align with the Big Picture and live life well by living it for Jesus. The ball is in your court and there is hope for your world once you see this. This is the reason you were saved.

I dare you to take this challenge. ‘It is time to put our faces to prophecies long spoken of, it is time to give ourselves to Greater Works’. ‘Jesus Our Lord, the Nations our goal, the World Our Stage’. We’ll be Touching Hearts, Transforming Lives all the way.  This is the BIG PICTURE.

By: Grace Okeme

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Originally published in the 2015 edition of LVCU’s annual magazine: The Campus Mirror as THE BIG PICTURE

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