Muslim-Rape-SwedenWhile filling in for an absent teacher in my place of primary assignment, a secondary school. I thought of what kind of discussion I could engage the senior secondary 2 girls in. One that will both captivate their attention and wouldn’t be a total waste of time by them getting at least something from the discussion. Fortunately for me, it was around the time Linda Ikeji posted this story.
A man/guy raped his girlfriend’s son which led to the baby’s death. He denied raping the boy, autopsy test proved sexual molestation and he was the only person in custody of the boy. He was detained in jail, where he was tortured and raped by 20 men who have heard the act that brought him there. More like giving him what he deserved. After long hours, where 20 inmates had their turn, he was rescued by the prison warden, treated for a few weeks and returned to the same cell where he was raped by these 20 men againWill you say he got the due punishment for his act?
Will you say what Salander in “The girl with the dragon tattoo” did (using a tattoo machine to brand her legal adviser as a rapist for using his position to extort sexual favors from her and later raping her, but thanks to a hidden camera she had, giving her something to hold against him) justifiable enough as a punishment for the crime of rape.
Anyways, I got the following suggestion from my students;

  1. His manhood should be cut off, leaving him with no tool/weapon for further destruction.
  2. He should be sentenced to death by hanging or electric chair
  3. He should be raped just like the instance on Linda Ikeji’s blog

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In my opinion, I honestly don’t know. The crime is grave enough for a death penalty. But let me leave you my lovely readers to contribute. IF YOU ARE GIVEN THE LEGISLATIVE POWER TO DECIDE WHICH PUNISHMENT WILL BE MET OUT TO A CONVICTED RAPIST. WHAT WILL BE THE DUE JUSTICE FOR RAPE? Please don’t ignore, commenting is quite easy. Just type in the comment, you can decide to put your name or/and email if you like and click on post comment and that’s all.

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