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Hi. It’s me again. The ‘friend-zoned’ girl. Only this time I’m not writing as the girl who got ‘friend-zoned’ but rather the girl who has gotten out of the friend zone :D. Yes! It’s possible.


Now here’s the gist. The same guy who told me he wasn’t ready for a relationship is now telling me that he wants to be in a relationship with me. This is the twist. I know I really like this guy and I was sort of showing him signs that I would really like to be in a relationship with him but now I feel like I’m the one that asked him out and as a girl, it just doesn’t feel right.

So, I’m stuck in trying to make the right decision; Whether to make him sweat it, like make him really show that he actually desires to be with me and that he knows what he’s doing by making such a huge life-changing decision (and risk my chances of being happy with him) or to simply jump at the opportunity given to me. A similar situation happened to me at one point in my life, I dived into it head-on and the relationship ended in less than a month.

Well, this is also some sort of ‘encourager’ (if there’s a word like that) for those of y’all in the friend-zone. You can actually make it out. One of the commenters in my previous posts testified that she’s getting married to the same guy who friend-zoned her 5 years ago, in a few months. Your ‘friend-zone’ situation may turn out to be an incredible love story.

Feel free to drop your comments in the comment section. It will be very much appreciated.

PS. Honey, (the guy who friend-zoned me) I’m sure by now you would know this post is about you and if by any chance you get to read this story, try and understand, please. Thanks. Your anonymity (and mine) is safe. 🙂 

* * *


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