The Journey to Significance #7 – What does G stand for in SIGNIFICANCE?

Statue of Christ the Redeemer on Corcovado peak at sunrise, Rio De Janeiro, BrazilWhat does G stand for in SIGNIFICANCE?

Hello friends. Thank God it’s Monday! Today on the journey to significance we’ll be looking at what G stands for in SIGNIFICANCE.
This is my 7th post and G happens to be the 7th letter of the alphabet and the number 7 signifies perfection. G also happens to be the 3rd letter in the word SIGNIFICANCE.
So I’ve been thinking and asking myself, what should G stand for?
Then I recalled that there’s a three letter Name who is perfection personified and who alone can make us talk about significance today.
I’m talking about the one whose breath you breathe, the one who gave you life, the one who made you to see this morning, the one who made you to be sound and able to read this.
I’ll be talking about GOD and how he relates to us living a life of significance.
As we’ve established in previous posts, nothing happens by chance. Nothing happens on its own. You can’t just wake up to significance or suddenly become significant. Asides the fact that you have to pay the price, you also have to reference the God of all significance. Proverbs 16:33(NLT) Says that” We may throw the dice, but the Lord determines how they fall”.
There is a significant God that brings about the significant you.
And that’s why he has put into you resources, gifts, and skills so you can live a significant life.
From the Bible in Luke 19:11-24. God likened the kingdom of heaven to a man who gave talents to his servants and told them occupy till I come which can mean Take charge till I come, do business till I come and make impacts till I come. And as the story goes, two of his servants brought back double of what they were given and one kept his own, doing nothing with it.
Let no one say there’s nothing that I can do. God has put in us all we need to do and live a significant life. He expects and demands dividend in the services unto him and unto one another- the people around us.
There’s nothing you have that you’ve not been given. And this life God has given you, you should live it to its fullest.
In fact, any day you wake up in the morning it should give you the confidence that you are alive for a reason. Make your life count.
And always remember, it takes a significant God to bring about the significant you.
Have a great week

Best Regards,

Oluwadara Adekunle


* * *

Thank you for reading. I’m really looking forward to seeing your comments.

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