The Significance of A NAME

What is your name and what comes to your mind when it is called? Today, we’ll be looking at the significance of a name.

Your name is very important, beyond its objective purpose of signifying the historical lineage, region or meaning associated with it, it encompasses what and who each of us is. It effectively describes us in a manner more than we truly understand or chose to realize. It is utterly more powerful and significant than the characters that represent it.
One defining characteristic of everyone is the name we are known with the name we are given. The essence of your name is at the very heart of your existence.

So then what is a title and how does a title make your name important?

So many people are tied to what they are being called. You’ll hear things like “Don’t call my name without putting DR in front” or “Make sure you always put the pastor in front of my name” so what?

I know it took you some years and some vigorous process to get that title but does it really define who you really are. Have you ever wondered how many great people had titles or were always called with their title as a prefix? John D Rockefeller, Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, Mother Theresa, Mathma Gandhi, Richard Branson, Oprah Winfrey, Magret Thatcher, Aliko Dangote, and the list goes on. What are their titles and how has it defined them?

We need to be very realistic in life, your name, in the physical and virtual world is immortal and will outlive each and every one of us. And your title, nobody really cares.

There are and will be so many Engineers, Doctors, Pastors, Chiefs, Rich people etc. Titles can come and go and can leave you at any time but what makes you different is the value you put in your name-your self-worth.

There are so many misconceptions about life. People Measure their self-worth by their associations, their work, their appearance, how much money they have etc. This is a very wrong measure of oneself

When you make your worth dependent on others, it’s like chasing a moving target, you can’t please everyone all the time and you can’t control their feelings. Basing your worth entirely on how people perceive you will never make feel good about yourself.

Also basing your worth on what you do i.e. your job title or business is a big risk. A medical challenge, economic meltdown, inflation, unexpected shift in the job market may interfere with your career or business. Even a planned retirement could wreak a chaos on your worth if your identity is tied to your job title. And in the absence of a high-profile career or your accomplishments, you won’t be able to feel good about yourself. While it’s normal for your job or accomplishments to make you feel good, basing your entire self-worth on your achievements is like building your house on sandy foundation

There are the individuals that base their worth on the size of their bank accounts. Sometimes people feel that they can’t just acquire enough wealth to be “valuable enough” in an attempt to build their worth. A beautiful car and a luxury home will make them feel good about themselves. While it makes sense to place a monetary value on goods and services, it doesn’t make sense to use the money to determine your value as a human being. It doesn’t make sense to place price tags on yourself as the amount of money you earn or expensive possessions you own will never be enough to satisfy your need to feel worthy.

The Bible in Prov 22:21 says “A good name is more desirable than great riches; to be esteemed is better than silver or gold

There are so many titles and position freaks with little or no value. We need to stop struggling to earn titles and focus on building a name of value. Be concerned with doing good work, working with integrity and living on purpose, in the end when you will build a good name and that name will be its own currency.

I want to build a name not centred on the events of my life but on the factors I can control.

David Oyedepo said “The worth of a man is not in his title, the worth of a man is in his value. Therefore, build a name by generating values day by day

In the journey of life, it’s your responsibility to build value to your name.

Will you rise above yourself for the happiness of others? Would you influence the world with positive actions? Will you empower yourself to somehow change the world? Even on the smallest of scales. Your name is and will always be the everlasting testament of who you are.

Life is very simple, focus and behave in accordance with your values instead of chasing things that will temporary build your self-esteem.

Have a great week.

God Bless you.

* * *

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