Waiter Pouring Tea at Jamaican Resort --- Image by © Bradley Smith

My Lord, What do you want?

You gave me this RESTaurant

You said I should consider the ways of the ant

I want to know when you’ll come so I would not be found in want

I’ll wait for you, I’ll open my eyes, I’ll be obSERVANT

Father, help me to run this business

Every opportunity, let me harness

I want to be the sheep and not the goat

So I can walk beside still waters and not in darkness gloat

I know you’ve paid the bills

I know you’ve prepared tables even in the presence of enemies

There are competitors but show me what will make me different

So that when I’m weary, I can take your pills.

Thank you for those in the kitchen

Thank you for those who will lisTEN

I am grateful for the uTENsils

I thank you for what the TENth commandment says

Help me to wait for you, help me to serve you better

Help me to wait on you, let me serve you as your waiter

Then my strength will always renew like that of an eagle

Teach me to obey you, show me how to exercise your mind in me

Make my food delicious and forever nourishing

All the inspiration, all creativity

All the perspiration, all activities

All for you, I’m giving you all of me.

Thank you for showing me what to do.

I will forever be on your side

It is service to humanity

I’m an apprentice of spirituality

My aim should always be to serve you

My claim to always be I know you

Since all I have is you.

You’ll show me what to serve customers

Because you have the MENu

They’ll choose whatever they want and not be world’s conformers

Their minds will be renewed

And they’ll always be the world’s transformers

Because you, Lord are the one who makes all that is old, new

You are awesome, we need not buy SALT because it is already who we are

No need for electriCITY and LIGHT because it is who we are

All the spice to life and even all the sauce

Will never lack because of you, Jesus

You will supply all our needs according to your riches in glory

And I will apply all my seeds, recording your speeches and story

Lord, I want you to always be around

And even when I don’t feel it, or you don’t show up

I’ll know you are working behind the scene

Turning the hearts of people to you and forgiving each of them their sin.

I know that times will come when I can’t handle it all

I’ll still hold on, I’ll make sure I don’t fall.

Help me! Your grace is sufficient, I know

Do not let me take it for granted.

I’ll clear the restaurant to always hear when you call

So that I won’t miss any information.

I’ll not invite customers if I have to

I’ll wait for you till the end.

I know you will not let me loose the friend in you

Do not let me close the restaurant

Do not let me give up on you, I’ll watch throughout the night

I’ll stay all through the day! Help me to keep everything in order

It is my duty, I’m an unworthy servant but you’ve called me your friend

I know when you come, you’ll want me to prepare your supper

While I get myself ready and wait on you while you eat and drink

And I’ll do same after you.

Lk 17:7

Excerpt from my upcoming book titled ‘The Eclipse Of The Son‘.

Watch Out!

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