The World Needs You

African Americans On Chooper Bike, Downtown Savannah, Georgia, USA, July 1983We enjoy driving fancy cars. We delight in using sophisticated phones. We want to fly first class. We want to live in decent houses. We are well-known on all the social media platforms. We feel excited wearing good dresses, perfumes, among others.

While all these are good, have we really taken our time to brood on who invented those things- that is, the people that are making lives much easier and enjoyable for us? Have we considered how much value they are adding to humanity by the seconds? Do we really care who they are? Do we even know the difference between those people and us? Have we also thought of adding value to people’s lives in our own little way by being resourceful- in other words, identifying and addressing a need around us? How long do we celebrate them and “decelerate” ourselves?  The founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, was in Nigeria recently and you could see how even the president welcomed him. We might think we have nothing to offer, but we do.

According to the Pastor of Global Harvest Church, Ibadan, Femi Aladesanmi, he that can toast women is a good marketer’. In other words, a good marketer is a good evangelist. He added that a man with more than one girlfriend is capable of managing more than one job, company or business. This is because he is good manager only that he is not putting his resources in the appropriate channel or direction. I found this to be humorous, but true. However, during my service year, I met with someone whose life was at variance with this observation.

This person was a close associate who was dogged, persistent, patient, smart, intelligent as well as rhetoric especially when dealing with ladies. There was barely a lady he would ask out that would decline. His affection for ladies could make him travel outside his state of residence to meet them but he could not get a job even though he needed one as he was broke. He could even trek for a long distance because of them- yet he could not get a job. How ironic. He was so creative at asking ladies out but short of ideas that would pull him out of financial doldrums. So much we can do, yet we channel our energies in the wrong places.

So much we can do, yet we channel our energies in the wrong places. Click To Tweet

Somebody was asked where the wealthiest place on earth is. Places like America, Dubai and Britain were mentioned.

They were all wrong.

The wealthiest place is the graveyard. It is where millions of people bury their gifts, talents, abilities and potentials.

My charge for you is “don’t add to the grave” because it is already saturated. Use your potential to make life easier for people since you will account for them someday. Moreover, there is special potential, skill and talent in you that can benefit mankind.

The world needs you. Cheers!

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