4 Things That Can Help With Bible Study

Bible study, everyone is trying to get a hang of it. There are so many formulas for a good bible study there is SOAP, ACTS and what not. Personally, I believe there is no particular formula that is right or wrong, it totally depends on the individual and how the Holy Spirit leads them.

You could study in the morning, afternoon or night, whatever suits you best (Disclaimer: Laziness excluded). So I am not going to be giving you a formula for studying the bible, I’ll say find your own voice but I will be sharing with you things that could help you have an effective bible study.

  • Music

There’s something about worship music that moves you to want to speak to God.

There are times you wake up and the first thing you want to do is scroll through Instagram or go down to the kitchen and find something to eat, you are not alone. Sometimes I force myself to study and other times I reluctantly play worship music, the first song does not really take me there but I still continue to listen and eventually I begin to see God for who He is and that is what worship music does, it’s so powerful, it decreases you and magnifies Christ, it opens your eyes to see Gods beauty, power, love and wonder and the view of all these opens up your heart to want to know more about this great God and that leads you to study your bible.

There’s something about worship music that moves you to want to speak to God. Share on X
  • Devotionals

Let’s be honest, if not for devotionals there are people that would never study their bible. Devotionals not only help you read the bible they help you understand it.

When studying the Bible using a devotional you learn a lot and it helps you cover more grounds in the bible.

While I’ll recommend devotionals I’d also give a caution, you have to apply wisdom to it just like you do with everything else, if you don’t apply wisdom a devotional can become a duty, you do it out of obligation or because you don’t want to feel bad or so you can check the list.

Another caution is that devotionals should not replace the bible they are meant to guide you, you need to study the bible beyond your devotionals.

And it’s totally ok to move on if you think you’ve out grown your devotional. You might not be in the same season of life as the season your devotion is in that month and it is ok to find something that speaks on the season you are in.

Devotionals not only help you read the bible they help you understand it. Share on X
  • An Understandable Bible Translation

Thanks to development the bible has been translated into so many languages and versions that apply to a wide range of people. While King James works for some people it’s “too much English’’ for some and while The message translation works for some it’s “too modern’’ for others so I say find a translation that works for you.

Finding a bible translation that works for you can help you get more out of Bible study. It makes the Bible easier to read and understand, and understanding what you are reading is extremely important.

  • Bible Study Videos

While your data may suffer for this, your Spirit will flourish. There are so many videos online where people study and explain the bible verse by verse. They help you understand portions of the Bible that can be confusing and they teach you things you might have missed while reading it on your own. This can be really helpful because you can search for studies that apply to your present situation without having to follow a sequence like a devotional.


So while there are so many things that can help you with bible study the most important is the Holy Spirit.

I didn’t put that on the list because I personally do not refer to the Holy Spirit as a thing but rather A Being. There’s no better helper than the Holy Spirit and if you let Him lead you He will teach you the bible like no other and help you have a thriving and effective bible study.

There’s no better helper to study the bible than the Holy Spirit. Share on X


Thank you for reading, Kindly share what has helped your personal bible study as a comment below.

Omotola Babalola

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