To The Minister On A High

I sat in a church meeting one day. A lady led the worship session and her voice, everything… I was blessed. So I was going to go and tell her how she did wonderfully well and I felt a restraint in my spirit. I meant well to encourage her, but that wasn’t what she needed to her then. That ‘encouragement’ could have done more harm than good.

Many ministers – singers, teachers, and others are ‘reigning’ in the church. They start to sing and the whole church plus pastor starts to cry. Once they teach, people are evidently blessed. If they should lead prayer, people start to operate in different gifts and on and on.

While this – ministry gifts, excellence in church service is good for the edification of the saints, the ‘reigning’ minister stands at risk.There is the tendency to begin to feel like it’s about you. There is the tendency to get used to that atmosphere and results that always follow your ministration. There is the tendency to begin to feel it’s about your voice or about how vast you are in scriptures. And herein lies the major issue.

It is important as ministers to know that it is all about God. Share on X

It’s all about God. If you do well in ministry, it is to the glory of God. So there is need to constantly remind yourself of that. Ministers in the house of God must continually renew their minds and remind themselves that it’s about God. When the compliments flow in, give all glory to God from that point on. Start to say it out loud and then it begins to find root your heart. This is important so you don’t fall into pride. Guard your heart with all diligence. Sometimes, those compliments are poisonous to your heart. Be very careful of this.

Again, as ministers, it is possible to get used to a certain atmosphere. When that atmosphere is not present, we begin to think God wasn’t in it. But that’s untrue. In fact, that you sing and the whole church is crying doesn’t mean a thing. But you might minister and it seems like nothing, but a great work is going on. Ministers must learn to rely on God and God alone.

Learn not to lead by feelings or by what is seen, more often than not God is at work even when we don’t see it or feel it.

Humble yourself. Calm down o ye great minister. Take a lesson from Jesus. Jesus was (and is still) the boss yet when Judas was to betray Him, he had to kiss Him. That kiss wasn’t a goodbye kiss or an affectionate one. He had to kiss Jesus because that was the only way he could have been identified. He looked just like the rest.

Pride is a great sin before God… The thing about pride is that it is subtle. A lot of times you don’t even know pride has found root in your heart until one day, the ushers forget to help you carry your bag and you are offended. Consciously humble yourself. Don’t feel too big (even if you really are big) to relate to ordinary people. Whatever privileges that come by virtue of your office in the church, don’t see it as a right. Be ye thankful and also humble not only in your words and actions but also in your heart, knowing that all you are is from God.

Don't get too busy on stage that your personal altar suffers Share on X

Too many ministers get carried away with work for God and forget about their walk with Him. Your number one priority is ensuring that you stay on course with God. Don’t get too busy on stage that your personal altar suffers. You really don’t have to do everything. Make time for you and God alone. Being present in all church activities don’t do it all – you also need that time alone with God. Guard that time jealousy because to be a great influencer, you have to, first of all, be influenced. You can’t give what you don’t have. It is what you receive in your time alone with God that you can bless others with. I always say

Finally, it is required in stewardship that a man is found faithful. (1 Cor 4:2) God takes the issue of faithfulness very seriously. That you are a great teacher of the Word doesn’t mean you can now miss bible study previews. The fact that you are the best minstrel in the choir doesn’t give you a right to skip rehearsals or come late. You must learn to work and serve as though you are serving God and not men: doing everything reverently with God in mind.

Imagine if God was actually present there with you and then serve as if your imagination was true because it actually is true. Whatsoever has been committed to your hands, do well. Don’t get carried away by fame or the rewards that come with it. Remember the story of the talents. The master had exactly the same measure of rewards to the one with five talents and two talents. He doubled both of them. In fact, it was the same response… ‘Good and faithful servant..’ that teaches us that it is not about the office you occupy but how faithful you are. God would judge a bishop and a church cleaner equally based on one thing – faithfulness. Have that in mind as you work for God. Forget the titles, God is looking at your heart as you work.

In conclusion, its all about God.

There is the tendency for you to forget that. Hence, set up structures in your heart and all around to constantly remind you that however great your become or in whatever capacity you are serving in, it is to be to the glory of God.


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