Today In History – March 24

Today In History – March 24

2015- Germanwings flight on route between Barcelona and Düsseldorf crashes in the French ALPs killing all 150 on board.
2013- 25 people killed by gunmen in coordinated attack in Adamawa State.
2013- Scotland defeats Sweden to win the 2013 world woman’s curling championship.
2012- African union deploys 5,000 strong force with the aim of catching or killing warlord Joseph Kory
2010- on this day 2010, most of Nigeria was shrouded in a thick dust storm disrupting air travel and threatening to trigger respiratory problems.
1990- Tom Hunter swims world record 50m freestyle (21.81secs).
1989- worst U.S oil spill, Exxon’s Valdez spills 11.3mil gallons off Alaska.
1987- 1st soul Train Music Awards Janet Jackson wins
1975- Muhammad Alli TKOS Chuck Wepner in 15 for heavy weight boxing title.
1952- Great demonstration against apartheid in South Africa.
1932- 1st Radio broadcast from a moving train.
1924- Greece becomes a Republic.
1910- 83°F highest temperature ever recorded in Cleveland in March.
1883- 1st telephone call between New york  and Chicago.
1882-German scientist Robert Koch discovers and describes the tubercle bacillus which causes tuberculosis ( MYCOBACTERIUM TUBERCULOSIS).
1837- Canada gives back its black citizens the right to vote.

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Compiled by; Omotoye Oluwatosin

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