Unhappy couple standing back to back

And i know love ain’t perfect but i never knew it’d be ugly

Does your testimony of your love life go like the lyrics of DA’ TRUTH’s ugly love?

I shoulda never listened what they told us
They told us love was chocolates and a box of roses
They told us love was bridal gowns and wedding bells
But the darkest side is what they never showed us
Who ever said that it would be this way
They never told me i would need to pray
Picture painted was so rosy was so rose we couldn’t see the grey
I lit my candles thinking love would be a piece of cake
But relationships they go uphill try to win but they just fail
They continue to get messy like red juice when my cup spill
Who can i really trust will
They hurt me or desert me
And i’m trying to figure out what’s real like lord please have mercy
And I’m trying…

That’s why i’m like yes, sir,
The kind of love i’m talking make the flesh hurt
When friends and family getting on your last nerve
Ain’t no asper
But emotions is so funny because at first
Its all rushing in with excitement fluttering and its nice and
Its sun shining and its rainbows
Then its thundering and its lightening
Chest bumps and handshakes
Disappointments at heartbreaks
Can’t know what that love about till you been through that
And its called grace, when
You standing with me in them downtimes
When the moneys low and I downsize
With them screams from the crowd dies
If you love me when its ugly
then that’s beautiful in God’s eyes
I’m trying…

Thanks to Hollywood, Bollywood and maybe a little of Nollywood, we have been traded the ideal image of what love is, how marriage flourishes, the magical proposal, romantic honeymoon followed by the “Happily ever after”, the movies and novels, rarely get close to reality.
You enter a relationship expecting it to just be beautiful all the way, where you and le boo hardly want to leave each other’s presence talkless of entertaining the idea that you’ll ever have to raise voice at each other or resent each other at all or ever disagree on a thing, but love being beautiful turns ugly sometimes.
Sadly, I’ve seen relationships crash, heartbroken, just at the first sight of the ugliness of love, one of the partner’s will go, “probably it was never meant to be, otherwise, we wouldn’t be having these so many issues“. This is not always true, no love will naturally evolve, unlike the theory of evolution, things don’t come from nothing. Love comes from a whole lot of things; persistence, patience, understanding, sacrifice, love, hard work…the list is endless. You have to work it out, together.
DA’TRUTH has this last words, wise words for the time love gets ugly.

Don’t Give Up

We give up too easily

Press through it in the hard times

That’s when love really counts

In the difficult times

That’s when love really counts

You’ll never see the beauty of Love

till it gets ugly

Trying but my vision is distorted I’ve been fighting too long
Tend to run when things go wrong
Its easier to just give up
But its only beauty when its ugly love

Trying but my feelings are distorted I’ve been fighting too long
I tend to run when things go wrong
Its easier to just give up
But its only beauty when its ugly love

Remember that Love is most beautiful when it’s ugly.

* * *

Thank you for reading. This post was inspired by a song with a title same as the title of today’s post, here are the links to buy it ITUNES and AMAZON to download the song, I’m sure you’ll like it.



Thank you for reading.

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